Best Mountain Bike Pedals – Reviews & Buying Guide

For any mountain biker, the pedals are one of the most crucial parts. And for a beginner, it is one of the three contact points with the bicycle. This article explore the best mountain bike pedals for trail riding.  

It will not be wrong if we say that pedals are the control point for the biker. 

Therefore, your bike’s pedal must be comfortable enough to make your ride smooth and worth it.

When you are a beginner biker, it is the right time to get the grip of your only contact point with the bike. 

But, the fact is sad enough that many bikers just ignore the value and importance that a good set of pedals give. 

It won’t be exaggerating enough to say that pedals are your companion on your riding.

And only pedals take you where you want to be!

Let’s come to the point! We need you to understand that a good pair of pedals is very important in your whole biking experience.

We have reviewed some of the best mountain bike pedals for trail riding, and we made the job easy for you. The reviews have been done based on value for money, overall performance and other metrics.

OneUp Components Composite Pedals

Level up your game with this minimalist and one of the best mountain bike pedals for trail riding!

Our first pick is OneUp Components Composite Pedals. No matter which mountain bike you ride or how rough a trail is, you can get control of your ride with the grippy and large platform of these pedals.

As of features, these flat pedals offer you:

  • 10 rear pins on each side that helps you to keep your feet intact on pedals
  • The lightweight of the pedals gives a smooth flow no matter how steep a slope is
  • The bevelled thin leading edge reduces the probability of pedal strikes and protects from off-trail obstacles and strokes


  • Not Heavy on Pocket with an affordable price tag
  • Easily Available Service Kits
  • A decent performing product


  • Less grippy than other advanced counterparts
  • A little bit convex shape can cause polarizing

The plastic pedals had a hard time getting acceptance among the mountain bikers.

However, the plastic counterparts of alloy pedals have proved their worth for the mountain biking scene. 

These nylon pedals are lighter in weight, lighter on your pocket, and with almost no difference in performance.


The OneUp Components Composite mountain biking pedals come under the price tag of around 45 to 50$, and different colour variants are also available. Check out the pedals here:

OneUp Components Aluminium Pedals

Our next pick of best mountain bike pedals for trail riding is also a premium product of OneUp Components.

These aluminum pedals are giant when it comes to versatility, grip, and all-rounded performance. 

If you want pedals that make you easily climb the rifts or march down from steep slopes, these pedals are the best choice.

The aluminum Pedals offer you:

  • Large enough platform for your feet and 10 rear pins on each side for smoothness
  • Different levels of grip; or you can say on the top of the grip
  • The lightweight of around 370 grams
  • Metal Made Product


  • Applaudable Grip
  • Reasonable Price for the metal pedals
  • Thin and Sleek Design
  • Readily Available Service Parts


  • Too much grip- it cannot be called too much grippier. However, if foot mobility is the main concern, the bikers should check out other alternatives
  • The long rear pins can injure the shins

The OneUp Components have manufactured this amazing product that is almost an unrivalled option for regular trail riding. 

These pedals are lightweight, thin, have a low profile convex shape that keeps pedals from obstacles or smashing rocks. 

The grip offered by these pedals keeps your feet intact on any kind of trail. Therefore, it can be regarded as a great choice for a great price.


The price tag for these mind-blowing and one of the best mountain bike pedals for trail riding is $125. Check out the pedals here:

RaceFace Chester Pedals

If you are looking for affordability with performance, we will regard RaceFace Chester Pedals as the best mountain bike pedals for trail riding.

These Nylon Composite pedals are great for affordability, grip, wearability, and design. Some of the prominent features of this amazing product are:

  • Decently Large Platform of size 101mm X 110mm
  • Slope leading edges to provide protection from pedal strikes
  • Modest weight of 358 grams
  • 8 steel threaded traction pins on each side of the pedal with easy replacement
  • Easy to Service Internals


  • Lightweight body with thin & sleek design
  • Affordable price tag
  • Tons of colour variations available
  • Durable with less wear & tear as compared to other comparative products


  • No traction pins along the axle decrease the grip of the foot
  • The platform size might be small for people with big feet
  • It can be slippery in wet weather conditions

RaceFace Chester’s Nylon Composite pedals are a great deal for regular trail riding. 

The beginner mountain bikers looking for affordable, rugged, tough, and durable pedals can easily count on these pedals.


These pedals have a very affordable price tag of 49$ to 79$. Check out these pedals here:

RaceFace Atlas Pedals

We will define RaceFace Atlas Pedals as something that took the best of all kinds of pedals on the market and packed them into one product! 

When you use these pedals, you will surely think that when someone said ‘money can’t buy you happiness,’ he was absolutely wrong!

These amazing pedals will offer you:

  • Large enough platform and 10 replaceable traction pins
  • Thin and fully sealed bearing design
  • Double concave shape and made of aluminum alloy
  • Chromyl Axle and bottom loading hex traction pins give an excellent grip


  • Large platform for feet to remain intact
  • Excellent grip
  • Lightweight in its category


  • Super expensive- but if you can afford it, you won’t regret buying it
  • Too grippy for mud climbing when you need some foot mobility

If we look at these pedals’ utility, then it is highly recommended for enduro or hard trial mountain bikers. 

These amazing pedals will help you have smooth riding, whether it is a rocky or stumpy track or downhill racing.


This beautiful masterpiece of RaceFace comes under the price tag of $136 to $180. Check out these amazing pedals at:

Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal 

Someone said minimalist yet classy; we heard Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal! 

Not just this, these are one of the least expensive pedals equally useful for all kinds of bikers. We can regard these pedals as one of the best mountain bike pedals for trail riding.

We just don’t say it; we can prove it. These pedals will offer you:

  • Large platform to fit any size of feet or shoe.
  • 12 well placed hex traction pins on each side that are replaceable
  • Super easy installation
  • Sealed bearing to protect from weather conditions
  • Nylon manufacturing to keep it lightweight and durable
  • The concave platform that provides more control


  • Super inexpensive
  • Universally useable
  • Lightweight
  • Good grip
  • Durable


  • We could hardly find anything bad except their inexpensiveness 😀
  • It might not work that well in super hard or rough trials

When we closely look at these pedals, they give you amazing value for the money you pay! 

These pedals have a 9/16” standard size that makes them universally useable for most mountain bikes. 


These amazing pedals are very light on your pocket-in fact, it is kind of unbelievable. The price tag of the pedals says around 17$ to 20$. Check out this beautiful product at:

ROCKBROS MTB Mountain Bike Pedals

Another item that is very light on your pocket but the perfect pick to level up your mountain biking game! 

The MTB Pedals of Rockbros MTB Pedals are no less than any best mountain bike pedals for trail riding!

These pedals have a lot to offer within a super inexpensive price tag. Some of the key features are:

  • Nylon Fiber Body and Large platform to fit all size of feet
  • 10 Anti-skid pins on each side of the pedal to give you amazing grip throughout the ride
  • Standard 9/16” size
  • Sealed bearing to protect them from rust and weather conditions
  • 1” wide platform and thin design to give you a smooth and comfortable feel


  • Affordable Price
  • Universal Usability
  • Easy installation


  • It might not be as durable as other pedals
  • Traction Levels are average

You can get serviceable performance with these inexpensive pedals along with the trail rides. 

These nylon fibre pedals are a great product for the value of money. 

For a beginner who is highly tight on budget, you can make this economical purchase.


These pedals come under a very affordable price tag of around 25$. Check out the pedals at: ROCKBROS MTB Mountain Bike Pedals

Final Words

Based on our review, we can recommend you these pedals, either you are a beginner biker or expert, use to ride on rough trails or easy ones. 

All of the options are a great purchase for the value of money, and you can level up your mountain biking by paying attention to your pedals and get yourself a pair of good pedals.

Happy Trail Riding.

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