How to Fix a Bike Chain That Keeps Falling Off

How to Fix a Bike Chain That Keeps Falling Off

A well-functioning bike chain is essential for a smooth and safe ride. However, a common problem that many cyclists face is a bike chain that keeps falling off. This can be frustrating and even dangerous, as it can cause the rider to lose control of the bike. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions … Read more

How Can You Prevent Injury While Cycling

how can you prevent injury while cycling

Cycling is a great way to stay in shape, but if you’re new to the sport or haven’t done it in awhile, then you need to take some precautions before you get on your bike. Cycling has some inherent risks that come with the territory of any sport- some more than others. Here are some … Read more

Is Biking Aerobic or Anaerobic Exercise

Is Biking Aerobic or Anaerobic Exercise

In the glamorous world of workouts, exercises are divided into either aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Both forms of exercise are essential to your overall health and fitness. However, if you’re a biking enthusiasts or you’re considering taking it up, you might have wondered whether biking is aerobic or anaerobic exercise. We’ll get into that later … Read more

Best Motorcycle Riding Gloves

best motorcycle gloves for the money

Part of motorcycle safety is wearing the proper attire. An often-overlooked part of that outfit is the gloves. Motorcycle gloves can provide a variety of benefits such as protection, warmth, and grip while riding. Here are several areas to consider when doing your own motorcycle gloves review. Top 5 Best Motorcycle Gloves There are a … Read more

15 Fun and Functional Must-Have Mountain Biking Accessories

bike accessories must have

This article is not about upgrading your components, which requires removing one “thing” and replacing it with a “better thing.” Instead, this article has as its focus on mountain bike accessories that didn’t come with your bike, but which you may find useful to the way you ride. There are a gobs of people out … Read more

Best Mountain Bike Frame Guide: Selecting The Right Foundation

how to measure a mountain bike frame

Geometry, size, tubing type, welding method, welding skill, design integrity, fit, flex (or rigidity), weight, cable routing, warranty, manufacturer’s reputation and serviceability are key variables. Okay, paint job, color or polish and stickers count too because 10 Cannondales will vanish from a bike rack faster than a single Murray. If country of origin is important … Read more

A Brief History of the Mountain Bike

mountain bike history

Because the “Mountain Bike” is as popular in the flatlands as it is in the mountains, little wonder it is also called “All Terrain Bike” (ATB) and “Off Road Bike.” Let’s visit its origins.   Recent evidence has emerged which suggests and, quite frankly, proves through old photographs that the Mountain Bike was first used … Read more