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Are you new to the world of bicycle riding?

Just watched the Tour De France and want to look and ride like Lance?

Or are you an experienced cyclist who just loves to buy cool stuff for your bike?

Welcome to Bicycle Buyers Guide, your online guide to buying everything from bikes… to bike racks… to pedals… to clothing.. to every bike part part or accessory you can imagine!

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Everything You Need

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We are not an online store. You won’t find a thousand products crammed on to a page. There are no Viagra ads (at least not yet!) or other things not related to Bicycling!! Sorry… but no flashing or blinking or super cool web graphics.


What you will find is good old fashioned information and advice. A guide to assist you in making good buying decisions. Reputable online sources to fulfill all of your cycling needs. Detailed product descriptions to help you make your decisions. And maybe.. just maybe.. you will discover something new… something to make this great sport even more enjoyable.


Finally, when you need to train indoors, due to weather or injury, or because you want a fast, hard workout, we give you guidance on trainers, spinning classes and stationary bikes.

Explore all the different kind of bicycles... from road.. to mountain.. to cruiser.. to tandem.. to bikes you maybe have never heard of!

Find out how to stay hydrated.. how to select the best saddle.. how to keep track of your speed, your miles, your distance and if you are smart, your heart rate. From tire pumps to safety lights to locks to everything you need to maintain your bicycle properly. Discover the best way to transport your bike and when you get home, to store it safely.

Learn to dress from head to toe, so you will look and feel great! From feather light shoes to rock hard helmets and everything in between! You might even learn to love those amazingly tight, but comfortable, cycling shorts.

For fun, you will discover the "World of Cycling".. that's right.. you can travel all over the world enjoying this sport, and I doubt there is a better way to truly explore a new place than by riding a bike through it and around it. When you are relaxing at home, there are plenty of books, videos or magazines for your enjoyment.

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