Is Biking Aerobic or Anaerobic Exercise?

Is Biking Aerobic or Anaerobic Exercise

In the glamorous world of workouts, exercises are divided into either aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Both forms of exercise are essential to your overall health and fitness. However, if you’re a biking enthusiast or you’re considering taking it up, you might have wondered whether biking is aerobic or anaerobic exercise. We’ll get into that later … Read more

How to Effectively Carb Load for a Long-Distance Bike Ride

carbohydrate loading for cyclists

One of the most important aspects of preparing for a long-distance bike ride is nutrition, specifically carb-loading. carb-loading is a proven strategy for long-distance cycling events. It involves increasing your intake of healthy carbohydrates in the days leading up to your ride, which helps maximize your glycogen stores and improve your endurance performance.  What is … Read more

Is Creatine Good for Cyclists?

Although creatine is seen as the ultimate bodybuilding supplement, it also has its benefits to track and road cyclists. Creatine rise to prominence was in 1992 during the Barcelona Olympics when several top track athletes used the supplement and some went ahead to win the gold medals. Creatine became a hit and everybody wanted to … Read more

Best Protein Powder for Cyclists

Best Protein Powder for Cyclists

What’s the best protein powder for cyclists? Did you know that fueling your body with the right nutrients could be the key to unlocking your peak performance on the track or trail? One of these vital components is PROTEIN. 💪 Protein isn’t just for bodybuilders, it’s an essential component for muscle repair and recovery after … Read more

Best Endurance Supplements for Cyclists

best endurance supplements for cycling

Nutrition plays a key part in making your bike training effective.  From the best Protein Supplements and Complex Carbs, to Energy bars and Energy Gels, there’s something to keep your body fully nourished and fuelled up. Your Cycling Training programs will be so much more effective if you build up your fitness, endurance and energy levels using the latest quality Nutrition … Read more