2FO Cliplite Lace Mountain Bike Shoes Review

I can’t say why my hands did not reach to write about this before, but anyway, it’s time to say a few words about the already well-known Specialized 2FO Cliplite Lace Mountain Bike Shoes.

These shoes are designed for aggressive trail and enduro riding. The 2FO Cliplite Lace has a sturdy outsole, durable reinforced toe cap, and chunky outsole. 

However, it can be relatively light compared to many similarly priced or more expensive shoes. 

With an impressively stiff, wide outsole and deep wedge channel, these shoes seem to strengthen pedaling bond with the bike more than any clipless.

If you want to know about 2FO Cliplite Lace Mountain Bike Shoe’s specs, advantages, comparison with other brands, and cons, read this article. Here we will explain all these things in detail.

The following are some advantages of 2FO Cliplite shoes:

1.   Material

The first thing that catches your eye is the material from which the upper part of the boot is made. One gets the impression that it is either rubber or plastic. Actually, there is some truth in this – the upper part of the slippers is made of sintered plastic, due to which the boots become lighter and less afraid of dirt and moisture. The material is durable; you don’t need to buy new shoes again and again. Just buy one pair of these shoes, and they will last long.

2.   Less Moisture absorption

Why did the engineers come to this decision? The gravity racers themselves wanted the shoe to be as adapted as possible for racing. As practice shows, that downhill, that enduro very often pass not in the sweetest conditions: here you have a shower, and mud on the bushings and whatever. Agree; no one likes to go in a race for the result with extra pounds on their feet because of the moisture-absorbed boots.  The best thing about these shoes is that they have fewer Moisture absorption properties as compare to other brands. They provide proper ventilation to keep your feet dry.

3.   Air Mesh material for ventilation

In addition to the plastic upper of the boot, the engineers have added another very interesting detail. – Air Mesh material. In fact, it is a mesh, very similar to a dishwashing sponge. The inner inserts of the boot (on the sides and tongue) are made of this very Air Mesh. You may be thinking about that what it is for? The good thing about mesh is that it doesn’t trap water, unlike any other synthetic fabric commonly used in cycling shoes. The mesh also provides excellent ventilation.

4.   Quick Dry

In fact, a quick-drying boot is very important for riders! Especially if you are not a Factory Rider and do not have the opportunity to take several pairs of boots on the trip. It sucks when your boots can’t dry out overnight, and you ride races in permanently wet shoes. But with 2FO, you don’t face this issue; they dry quickly.

5.   Proper protection

The most common problem in gravity disciplines is to bump the toe of your boot somewhere into a stone. And yes! It is very unpleasant; fingers hurt then, the nail peels off. So, the Specialized 2FO’s sock is protected a little more than completely.

They have a special hard rubber insert in the area of ​​the holes for the cleats that makes it easier to get in. And it really works, acting as a rail along which the spike of the boot gets into the toe of the pedal – the engagement is very easy, so you can forget about cutting off excess rubber from the sole in the area of ​​the spikes, which is familiar from some other boots. And the protection is guaranteed.

6.   A large number of colors for every taste

The shoes are available in a wide range of color such as:

7.   Comfortable walking and paddling

The 2FO outsole is also far from the most common. First of all, let’s ask ourselves the question, what do we expect from a good outsole? Ideally, we want the outsole to keep our foot well on the pedals if we’re talking about tramples. It also wouldn’t hurt if this outsole survived for more than one season. Well, if we are talking about enduro and trails, then it would be absolutely great if the shoes were comfortable to walk. What does Specialized offer us?

Moreover, it is very comfortable to walk in boots in any condition: wet stones, roots, and so on – the shoes do not slip at all. The depth of the outsole is noticeably greater at the edges than in the middle. It is more than convenient even to steer somewhere in a car.

8.   Proper Grip

The rubber for the 2FO outsole was also invented from scratch. The development of the compound, by the way, was carried out by the same specialists who are engaged in the development of Specialized tires. As a result, the created compound was named “Slipnot”. Based on the name, we can conclude that its main goal is not to slip. Unlike the Stealth outsole, the Slipnot feels stiffer and inspires a certain level of disbelief when it comes to grip.

9.   Insole shape and interior Body Geometry

Body Geometry outsole and insoles are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase power, improve efficiency and reduce the likelihood of injury by optimizing the position of the hips, knees, and feet.

10.               Lightweight

The Specialized 2FO Cliplite Lace Cycling Shoe is an ultra-light version designed for enduro and trail riding. Specialized has also launched this ultra-light version specifically for women who want a smooth ride. It is designed for smooth pedal entry and exit with a runway pocket, which means you can focus on fast downhill speeds without losing weight for your ascent to the summit. The male version also has these qualities; only the body shape is different.

Cons of 2FO Cliplite Lace Mountain Bike shoe

We have discussed many advantages of these shoes above. But everyone knows that no product is perfect in this world. So here are some cons of this product:

  • These shoes come among the middle price shoes. If you are looking for a cheap option, 2FO Cliplite Lace Mountain Bike shoes are not suitable for you.
  • Mesh toe covering lets water in
  • Not completely waterproof
  • Stiff upper making lacing up troublesome
  • Lack of walking grip over various terrain

2FO Cliplite Lace Mountain Bike Shoes Vs. Other Gravity shoes

The first question that buyers usually ask themselves is “where was Specialized before when Five Ten took over the gravity shoe market?” And to argue with the fact that Five Ten dominates now is useless; it really is. To date, there are not many alternatives. There is the Giro Chamber, in which Aaron Gwynne dissects, some remnants of Teva, non-pontoon Shimano AM45s, and the list ends there. No wonder Specialized suddenly decided to enter the gravity market and introduced the best model.

 It took Specialized three years to develop and test this shoe. The term is very impressive, but the product turned out to be really worthwhile. After all, Specialized’s goal was not to copy Five Ten but to make truly alternative sneakers.

Since I own at least three pairs of shoes from different brands, I can say that the most disastrous thing is to compare Shimano, Five Ten, and 2FO. These are completely different shoes, and each has its own advantages. But I’ll still go back to 2FO.

Let's Sum Up

Get your feet out – and get on with it! The 2FO Cliplite Lace Mountain Bike Shoes are designed to ride all day comfortably long with a look you won’t be ashamed of going to the party. Its outsole is made up of our SlipNot ™ 2.0 compound, designed as a complete system to provide the ultimate in pedal traction. 

Contrary to popular belief, traction depends not only on the composition of the rubber but also on its density, stiffness, grip, tread pattern, and midsole thickness – all of which significantly affect contact. The outsole design was inspired by pressure studies on the foot, which led to the use of soft foam in the toe and hard foam in the heel of the shoe, which provides excellent contact with the pins while reducing the jelly-like behavior of the sole. 

In addition, the shoe features a toe cushion and CO2 foam on the upper to protect your feet from bumping rocks and roots on the harshest trails. These shoes are suitable for both experienced and beginner mountain riders. You must give it a try. 

Share your experience in the comment box if you are using these shoes already. We would love to hear from you.

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