Specialized Rockhopper Mountain Bike Review

Buying a Specialized Rockhopper Mountain Bike means buying the best for yourself. 

After all, this brand is considered one of the most famous globally, and interest in it has not waned over the years. 

The company produces hi-end products, so it is in great demand among bicycle lovers.

Specialized mountain bikes are distinguished by the fact that the company itself develops and manufactures unique frames and the most technologically advanced components at its factories.

To understand why this brand is so popular, you need to start with the basics. From the moment of its foundation to the present day, the main orientation of the company has been specialized mountain and road bikes. Professionals all over the world prefer the products of this brand. This is due to the following features:

  • High efficiency of pedaling by the cyclist on rough terrain. Specialized bicycles Kiev are equipped with a special shock absorber and fork, which are triggered when hitting an obstacle; that is, the shocks coming from the wheels are smoothed out;
  • Special rear suspension made according to the FSR system. As a result, ideal adhesion to the surface is achieved, regardless of the features of its structure;
  • To buy a specialized bike means to buy a lightweight product with the best performance characteristics. The specially engineered carbon frame has the best set of performance characteristics, which is why the great cyclists of the world prefer to ride on these bikes;
  • However, the Specialized Rockhopper Mountain Bike, like other varieties of this brand, has a saddle of a special shape, which does not squeeze blood vessels and soft tissues in the rider’s perineum area. Therefore, increased loads are removed from the pelvic area. The specialized bike is also loved by women – cyclists. After all, the well-thought-out shape of the saddle reduces the discomfort of long riding.

A huge assortment of models is another distinctive feature of the brand. The brand tries to cover all niches, so the specialized Mountain bike can be chosen by both a beginner, an amateur, and a professional. Everyone will feel confident about it. Some popular Specialized Rockhopper Mountain Bikes are:

Rockhopper Expert 29

Rockhopper Expert 29 is perfect for those who want to master a mountain bike. The design has a very reasonable price. By cross-country ability, you can quickly learn whether a hill/mountain bike is a sport you want. The brake system used in this mountain bike is mechanical. It will not work for too steep slopes, but, it will behave quite decently on rough terrain or in urban conditions.


  • Specialized Trail Grips
  • Premium A1 Aluminum
  • Ground Control
  • Price: £1099.0

The frame is lightweight, which allows you to significantly reduce the bike’s weight while not affecting the entire structure’s strength. The fork of Rockhopper Expert 29 absorbs vibration from bumps in the road quite well. This mountain bike uses those parts, which are the entry-level type and do not require any maintenance.


  • High-quality material;
  • Behaves well in rough terrain;
  • Have a vibration absorption quality and various kinds of unevenness of the coating.


  • The steering wheel often gets off the right position; you have to adjust it
  • Expensive as compared to other models

The fork has excellent reliability and durability that perfectly absorbs any irregularities. If rigidity is required, the rider can independently adjust. All major components are long-lasting, which is a very important feature for mountain biking. Both beginners and professionals can use it.

Rockhopper Elite 29

Rockhopper Elite 29 is also designed for people who want to discover mountain biking or beginner riders. The structure is based on an aluminum frame that is not too heavy. The high-quality fork installed in this mountain bike is also made of aluminum. The bike also has a preload adjustment system that is well suited for riding on rough terrain and urban conditions. The model was developed initially by noticing beginners’ requirements, but professional riders can also use this mountain bike.


  • Premium A1 Aluminum
  • RockShox’s Judy SoloAir brings air-sprung sensitivity
  • Shimano’s 1×10 wide-range 10-speed Deore
  • Price: £849.00

The steering column of Rockhopper Elite 29 is semi-integrated, and the steering wheel is attached to its frame by using threadless technology. In this way, it will not warp during operation. The steering wheel is made of high quality and strong material; there are comfortable handles that make it easier to grip the palms.


  • Excellent build quality
  • It is convenient to go uphill on such a bike;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Insignificant weight.


  • The seat is firm enough; you can’t sit on it for a long time;
  • The wings are short, and a lot of dirt flies from under them.

The braking system is controlled using the handlebars on the handlebars, and the disc brakes are equipped with a smooth ride, so the bike will not skid even at a sudden stop. It has 21 speeds; they are switched using levers.

Rockhopper Comp 29 2x

This is a versatile semi-pro bike suitable for both men and women. It is not very ideal for traveling in the mountains. Still, it performs excellently on rough tracks or in urban settings. The seating position is sporty; the saddle and handlebars are positioned in such a way that the back of the rider is in the correct position.


  • Size-specific Premium A1 Aluminum frame
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Shimano hubs
  • Price: £675.00

The bicycle is equipped with a threaded Neco steering column; this mountain bike’s stem is also threaded. The braking system is rim-type; it behaves reliably in any conditions. This mountain bike’s weight is also not too heavy due to a Premium A1 Aluminum frame, 26-inch wheels, a Zoom 327 26-inch suspension fork is installed in front. It will absorb vibration well.


  • Comfortable padded saddle;
  • Robust steel frame;
  • Clear speed switch.


  • The trunk is not securely attached
  • Brake pads start to squeak in wet weather

The bike provides high speeds with a conventional steering derailleur. The fenders are made of high-quality material that has decent dimensions and perfectly protects the rider from splashes. You must give it a try.

Rockhopper Sport 29

Specified has been on the market for a long time, fans of cycling will not confuse Specified products with any other. The engineers are continually developing new designs for beginners and professional mountain riders. This mountain bike will be a good option on dirt roads and for urban conditions. Moreover, it provides a high and smooth speed system because the wheels used in this mountain bike is are quite solid, and the braking system is hydraulic.


  • 2x Shimano Altus shifting handles
  • Tektro’s M275 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Durable Premium A1 Aluminum
  • Price: £549.00

Rockhopper Sport 29 is suitable for both women and men. The pedals’ body is plastic; it has grooves; that is why the sole will not slip off them. The weight is only a few kg that makes mountain biking more effective and fast. The handling is great; the design responds even to slight hand movements. Hinged tires that further increase the speed limit of this mountain bike.


  • Reliable construction;
  • The switches are very convenient;
  • if necessary, the suspension can be adjusted;
  • Universal and easy to find tires.


  • The products of this brand are always quite expensive;
  • Harsh seat.

Rockhopper Sport 29 is available in black and grey. The lightweight frame is made of Durable Premium A1 Aluminum and has good performance reliability and rigidity. There is a suspension fork, which makes the unevenness of the road or mountain surface almost invisible.

Rockhopper 27.5

Rockhopper 27.5 is quite popular among beginner buyers who have limited funds. The bike is characterized by lightweight, high build quality, and excellent maneuverability. Moreover, it looks stylish and modern. The frame is made of Durable Premium A1 Aluminum; the suspension fork travel is 100mm. It allows the model to overcome all kinds of obstacles during mountain biking. The diameter of the wheels is 27.5×2.3 that provides superior grip on virtually any substrate.


  • Durable Premium A1 Aluminum
  • Formula freehub and SunRace 8-speed cassette
  • Radius CX-7 disc brakes offer
  • SunRace 8-speed
  • Price: £449.00

The braking system of this mountain bike is reliable. The mountain bike provides smooth and high travel speeds. The curved steering wheel is comfortable for both the hands and the spine. That’s why this bike is perfect for long journeys.


  • An ergonomically shaped seat that provides proper comfort;
  • It behaves well in rural and urban conditions, on any ground cover, or in the forest;
  • High build quality
  • Attractive appearance


  • The color quality of the frame is low – under the influence of direct sunlight or moisture, the coating may begin to peel off.

In general, this design is well suited for both adults and adolescents. This model is an ideal option for you if you are a beginner and want to learn mountain biking

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