CBDMuscle CBD Oil: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Athletes

So you if you remember many weeks ago I crashed my bike…ouch! I shared my road rash with you but what hurt the most! hours later after the indorfans and Adrenalin whore off was the pain in my wrist. I though I broke it? I finally went in that evening and the x-rays showed no break, thank you God! after one pain killer and 4 Advil the pain subsided and I was able to get a good nights sleep.

This brings me back to the pain part! I am a health nut and do not agree with the cut, burn and poison model the majority of the medical field has been indoctrinated with. When it come to over all health they are in my opinion miss lead, however when it come to putting humpty dumpy back to gather they are the best in the world. Bottom line you need to take your health matter into your own hand by being informed and in the know about the impact of what you put in your mouth and the environment around you.

Alright back to my wrist; one of the fist things I did was and always do when blunt force trauma happens to one of my body parts is I apply and take “Arnica”. I use either Arnica gel or pure Arnica liquid and then I take the Arnica tablets. I apply the liquid very liberally and I do until the pain or swelling subsides, I also take the tablets every 5 to 15 mins as well. In the case of my wrist the sprain/bone pain from falling off my bicycle was deep so that it took one pain killer and advil to help it subside but the their was zero swelling and bruising. Have been using this for over 12 years on my self, wife and kids, don’t leave home with out it. Below is a quick overview on the it.

Arnica is the most loved and best selling remedy in all of homeopathy helps minimize bruising, bleeding, swelling, initial shock and pain following injuries, dental work, surgery, childbirth, sprains, strains and all kinds of accidents. Arnica helps ease stiffness, soreness and pain following scares, overexertion, exercise, lifting or strains. A dose before a workout saves pain and recovery time. A dose after every head injury is highly recommended, along with practitioner’s advice.

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start with CBD Hemp Oil treatment, use one drop under the tongue and hold it there as long as possible without swallowing. This is the fastest way to get it into the blood circulation and the brain. If you prefer to smoke it in your vaporizer, this is also a fast and good way to get the CBD into your system. But i prefer the oil drops oral, because of the extra benefits form the amino acids. Just one drop to set the body on it.

After about 3-5 hours you take the next Dosage (this is because the effect lasts for about 3-5 hours in your body) and increases the dosage to 1. This means for this dose be used 2 drops. Until you reach 3 drops. Repeat it every 3-5 hours.

There are different Hemp oil with different concentration of CBD available. The higher the concentration the more effective the treatment is (for more serious diseases) but the more expensive it is as well.

But the best way is to try it for your self and get the benefits of this beautiful product of nature.

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Hemp seed oil has many benefits which are mostly due to its high concentration of essential fatty acids.  Hemp seed oil contains approximately 80% essential fatty acids in a unique beneficial ratio of three parts omega-6 fatty acids to one part omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to the benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp seed oil also contains omega-9 fatty acids such as oleic acid which is found in olive oil.

Hemp seed oil is unusual amongst other vegetable oils because it benefits from containing GLA otherwise known as gamma linolenic acid.  Gamma linolenic acid is a fatty acid which is of benefit to the skin and other organs. Very few seed oils benefit from containing GLA as it is an essential fatty acid which is not widely found in nature.
GLA in addition to being found in hemp seed oil is also found in the evening primrose oil and blackcurrant seed oil.
One of the many benefits of hemp seed oil comes from the unique ratio of 3 to 1 omega-6 to omega three fatty acids.  omega-3 fatty acids are also found in fish oil, the most important of which are EPA and DHA.   Omega-3 fatty acids are a involved brain function and the regulation of a healthy immune system.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in hemp seed oil are also involved in maintaining healthy heart and cholesterol levels, healthy skin and eyes.
Hemp seed oil is beneficial because it contains omega-6, omega-3, and omega-9 fatty acids all of which are essential for good health.  By taking hemp seed oil you are providing your body with all of the essential fatty acids it requires without the need to take her father while such as fish oil evening primrose oil flax seed oil and olive oil.
Hemp seed oil is also beneficial because it contains vitamin E, antioxidants and essential amino acids

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hemp oil make you high?

No. Hemp seeds do not contain the drug tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive substance in marijuana. Minute amounts of THC may be transferred from the leaves into the oil during pressing. However, these trace amounts are too low to have any psychoactive effects. How low is very low? Less than 4 parts per million THC in all our products.

If I eat your hemp oil, will I fail my drug test?

No. Hemp seeds do not contain the drug tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive substance in marijuana. Minute amounts of THC may be transferred from the leaves into the oil during pressing. However, these trace amounts are too low to have any psychoactive effects. How low is very low? Less than 4 parts per million.

Can hemp oil be used for frying?

No. Hemp oil – just like olive oil – should not be used for frying. At high temperatures, unhealthy byproducts are formed from the unsaturated fatty acids. Flax oil also has a high content in unsaturated essential fatty acids.

What is the benefit of hemp oil?

The ratio of the essential fatty acids (three parts linoleic acid to one part alpha-linolenic acid) in hemp oil is favorable for the human body because it matches its nutritional requirements. Flax oil, despite its higher essential fatty acid content, has a less favorable ratio (1:5). Flax oil also does not contain gamma-linolenic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid, which is found abundantly in hemp oil.

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