Best Mountain Bike Frame Guide: Selecting The Right Foundation

how to measure a mountain bike frame

Geometry, size, tubing type, welding method, welding skill, design integrity, fit, flex (or rigidity), weight, cable routing, warranty, manufacturer’s reputation and serviceability are key variables. Okay, paint job, color or polish and stickers count too because 10 Cannondales will vanish from a bike rack faster than a single Murray. If country of origin is important … Read more

A Brief History of the Mountain Bike

mountain bike history

Because the “Mountain Bike” is as popular in the flatlands as it is in the mountains, little wonder it is also called “All Terrain Bike” (ATB) and “Off Road Bike.” Let’s visit its origins.   Recent evidence has emerged which suggests and, quite frankly, proves through old photographs that the Mountain Bike was first used … Read more

2000 Jamis El Diablo

Looking for a high performance long travel screamer? Look no further! Jamis’ El Diablo brings “cross country” weights to the “out of bounds” rider! Before you scramble to find a dealer keep in mind this kind of technology and componentry doesn’t come cheap. The 25.75 lb 100mm travel El Diablo has a Suggested Retail of … Read more