Mountain Biking for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know Before You Start

Mountain biking for beginners

In 2019, approximately 8.62 million Americans aged 6+ years participated in mountain/non-paved surface biking. Clearly, this is a truly valuable activity for millions of people. So, what is mountain biking and what makes it so great? In simple terms, it’s all about riding your bicycle on different types of off-road trails. To enjoy the experience, you need … Read more

Best Torque Wrench for Bikes – 2023

best torque wrench for bikes

A torque wrench is a tool designed to apply a specific torque to clamp the nuts, bolts, or large screws. The socket wrench itself has specific internal mechanisms that set proper tensions according to your device’s desired torque level. Generally, the more you ride your bike, the more you increase the chances of its moveable … Read more

Ancheer Electric Bike Review – 2023

As someone who loves cycling but doesn’t want to arrive to work dripping in sweat, I decided to try out an electric bike. After researching different models, I settled on the Ancheer electric bike based on its affordable price and good reviews. Here’s my honest review after test-riding this e-bike for the past few weeks. … Read more

Best Mountain Bikes for Heavy Riders – 2023

As an avid mountain biker and expert reviewer specializing in bikes for heavier riders, I’ve had the chance to test out many of the best full-suspension mountain bikes on the market.  Through extensive personal testing on trails across the country, I’ve narrowed down the best full-suspension MTBs that can support and perform for heavier riders … Read more