Best Mountain Bike Phone Mount

From cycling fitness trackers to padded MTB shorts, elbow, and knee pads, there seems to be a plethora of accessories made available in the market to make mountain biking experience a little less daunting. It becomes rather difficult to sort of keep up with the trends. And this, oftentimes, results in confusion as one sets out to go purchase a suitable bike accessory.

Even so, this should not at all deter any cyclist whether professional or not from striving to be aware of most if not all of the bike accessories as they play a salient role in making your biking experience more pleasurable.

Unlike decades ago, there are now a plethora of budding products that have been constructed with a view of allowing your Smartphone to attach to your handlebars and provide a dedicated alternative to the cycling computer.

One such tool that has been rather instrumental and caused a buzz in the cycling world as we now is the bike phone mount.

Check out the Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount, our most recommended bike phone mount that fits a wide range of smartphones in the market today.

Realizing that your phone is an incredible tool that in a way helps you unlock your cycling potential to the fullest, developers have come up with a way that helps you have your phone by your side as you cycle away through the roughest of terrains on your adventurous escapades.

This handy mount helps you access your phone easily without having to stop at any one point and also helps hold your phone securely in place throughout your ride.

In this product review, we are going to demystify all there is to know about the best Smart phone bike mount including the various types of phone mounts available in the market and some of the popular brands that will be worth your while in terms of overall performance.

But first off let us begin the product review adventure with a summary table that introduces and compares the features of the different popular bike phone mount brands and then proceed to an in-depth review of the best bike phone mounts available in the market.

Top 10 Best Bike Phone Mounts Reviews

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1. Vibrelli Universal Bicycle Phone Mount

best mountain bike phone mount

This ubiquitous line of bike mounts has become rather popular with a number of both professional and untrained cyclists alike all over the globe. And while this can largely be attributed to the fact that it offers its user return on value, there are other underlying issues that have contributed to its popularity. These include the fact that it fits easily around just about any kind of handlebar and it’s well thought out stylishly sleek design.

More to that, it also features a clamp and silicone bands that help hold your phone firmly in place without the possibility of sliding or slipping.


  • It features a strong adjustable clamp with silicone band grips that help hold the phone in place.
  • Another remarkable feature is the special ball and socket design that’s solely responsible for flexibility in that you can rotate and adjust your device to an angle of your choice.
  • It comes along with 3 black, red and gray silicone bands for backup and color variation.


  • It fits any Smartphone device as long as it’s up to 3.7 inches wide.
  • It features strong sturdy silicone bands that help hold the phone firmly in its place.
  • It is flexible enough to allow you to adjust your device to an angle that befits your fancy.
  • It basically allows you full access to your phone screen, buttons, and micro jack. This means that you don’t have to remove your phone so as to be able to use it.
  • It has a clip on and clip off design that makes it one of the easiest bike holders to use.
  • It is feather light to enable you to go as fast as you would wish without necessarily weighing you down.
  • It is quite easy to get the phone in and out.


  • The holder does not quite stay in place while one is riding.
  • It tends to break very easily.


Overall, the Vibrelli bike phone mount offers a return on value owing to the fact that it happens to be not only strong and sturdy but also fairly flexible when it all boils down to adjusting the device to one’s preferred position.

2. Quad Lock Bike Kit

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The Quad Lock mount is a classy product with a price to match. Once you have fitted your device into its plastic case, you can mount it in a number of ways depending on your personal preference. Although it has a plastic case that is reminiscent of the iPhone 6 leather case, it just so happens to be a little chunkier so as to accommodate the quarter turn socket that it couples with.


  • It has a patented dual-stage locking mechanism that is meant to ensure your phone is held securely in place.
  • It mounts to either a handlebar or a stem cap as long as their diameter is within the range of 25 to 40 mm.
  • It comes with a bike mount pro, a slim protective case for iPhone 7, a weather resistant poncho for iPhone 7 and mounting hardware.
  • It comes with a waterproof cover that helps protect one’s device from rain and sweat.


  • It is feather light to avoid weighing you down as you cycle.
  • It can be mounted with ease.
  • It allows for easy access to your phone whilst not compromising on the phone’s safety.
  • It is both strong and sturdy to securely hold your phone in place during your cycling escapades.
  • It has a lock in the circle at the back that further enhances the grip for added protection.


  • Just like other tools the Quad bike mount might break after months of regular use.


There is absolutely nothing not to love about the Quad bike mount. Between being stylishly sleek in terms of design and aesthetic and being strong and sturdy in terms of performance, this mount holds up pretty well regardless of whether it is used on a smooth pavement or rough trail.

3. Roam Universal Premium Bicycle Phone Mount

Anyone who has gotten the opportunity to use the Roam bike mount knows that it’s totally worth every single penny and the fuss. Being a favorite to go to phone mount for pretty much all mountain bike cyclists who like to have some adventurous escapades in the wild whilst having some well-deserved fun moments, the Roam bike phone mount has certainly not disappointed in as far as quality and convenience are concerned.

From being sturdy and strong to being fairly easy to install, it no doubt fits the bill in as far as being a favorable companion is concerned.


  • It has a plastic grip with silicon net that meant to ensure that each and every corner of your phone is secured.
  • It has a large handlebar clamp that can fit any size handlebar.
  • It is constructed of a premium hard plastic material and silicon net all of which happen to be strong, sturdy and durable.


  • The mount will adjust to any angle you wish so as to facilitate convenient viewing while cycling.
  • It is strong and sturdy to hold the phone in place as you cycle at high speeds.
  • It is fairly easy to install.
  • It has a stylishly sleek design that’s aesthetically appealing.
  • It is convenient in that you can easily access your phone without having to stop your bike.


  • Sometimes the clamp may refuse to hold together on the handlebar.
  • It’s designed to fit too wide of a variety of devices.


Overall, this is an incredible tool to have for your mountain bike adventures.

4. GVDV Universal Bicycle Phone Mount

best mountain bike cell phone mount

The GVDV Universal bike mount, though an easy to operate mount performs virtually all tasks that are demanded of it with finesse. Characterized by its universal compatibility and its vast strength this remarkably amazing mount is everything any cycler would fancy to have.


  • It is universal in that it can fit all Smartphones with a screen size of between 4.3 inches and 6 inches.
  • It has a strong sturdy silicon web that holds your phone in place.
  • It is constructed of eco-friendly elastic silicon rubber that pretty much ensures both your phone and your handle are protected from scratches and scrapes.


  • It is constructed of high-quality materials that ensure that the phone is well secured even through the bumping roads.
  • Its installation takes you a matter of seconds.
  • Insertion and release of the phone is fairly easy and fast.
  • It gives you the liberty to switch between vertical and horizontal phone positions.
  • It’s feather light to allow you to cycle as swiftly as you would wish without weighing you own at any one point.
  • It has universal compatibility to fit any device that has a size between 4.3 and 6 inches.


  • It doesn’t have a water resistant skin to protect your phone from sweat or rain.


Apart from being constructed of an eco-friendly silicone rubber, the GVDV bike mount also happens to have a universal compatibility that further enhances its output hence making it a viable to go biking mount for just about any cycling need.

5. IPOW Bike Mount

best bicycle phone mount


Over time, through the stellar reviews that it gets, the IPOW bike mount has gradually become one of the best bike mounts in the cycling scene thus far. With this tool, you can cycle away even through the toughest of terrains without having to worry about your phone falling down as you cycle.


  • It has 2 silicon butterfly bands that are tasked with the mandate of protecting your phone.
  • It features soft red rubber lines that help reduce vibration as well as prevent the phone surface scratches.
  • It has a 360 degrees rotation that enable the user to adjust the phone’s position to their liking.


  • It mounts to the bike both easily and securely.
  • It is universally compatible with just about any device whose size is anything between 2.3 to 3.5 inches.
  • It has soft red rubber lines that help keep the surface of your phone from being scratched.


  • Getting the phone out of this mount is a bit tricky especially because it can smash you power button at any time during installation or uninstalling.


The IPOW bike mount, though not as strong as a brand like all the other brands has gained a name for itself for being a reliable and efficient bike mount over time. You will no doubt have a blast using this remarkably unique and innovative tool any day at any time.

5. Team Obsidian Premium Bike Mount

mtb phone mount

The Team Obsidian is a stylishly sleek MTB phone mount that changes the cycling ball game completely. Apart from being a reputable brand, this tool also prides itself in being well constructed and versatile enough to work on a number of handlebars. What’s more, it exudes power in its overall performance and happens to be lightweight in nature to facilitate ease of mobility.


  • It fits just about any bike handlebar or stem.
  • It is constructed of a high quality and elastic silicone that provides excellent durability.
  • It is very versatile and hence works on any kind of motorcycle, bike or scooter handlebar.


  • It works great on any terrain.
  • Apart from being flexible it also happens to be strong and sturdy to hold your phone securely in place.
  • It does not require you to attach any extra pieces to your phone for it to work efficiently.
  • It’s as easy to mount as it is to take off the bike.


  • It is not as adjustable as one would wish and hence limits one’s view and access to the phone.


Overall, this is an incredible tool to have at your disposal as a cyclist.

7. Max Mile Phone Mount

vibrelli universal bike phone mount

The Max Mile bike phone mount is by and large one of the best mountain bike phone mounts. Featuring both strength and solidness in its overall outlook and performance, this remarkable tool will no doubt revolutionize the way you ride.

Among its strong points include the fact that it has a 360 degrees rotation that helps you adjust it easily and its capability to fit either a phone or a tablet as long as it’s between 3.5 to 7 inches wide.


  • It allows 360 degrees rotation that helps the user to get the best view of their device as well as enables them easy access.


  • It expands to fit even the largest of phones.
  • It is both strong and sturdy to facilitate enough protection when one is riding on technical trails and rough terrains.
  • It supports cell phones and tablets as long as they are well within 3.5 to 7 inches wide.
  • It can easily be installed on a variety of handlebars as long as they have a diameter of between 18mm and 30 mm.


  • It doesn’t hold thick phones.
  • It’s not very easy to twist the locking knobs.


Whether you have a small or large device, the Max Mile bike mount happens to be a worthy companion through all your adventurous rides.

8. Rokform Bike Mount

best phone mount for bicycle

If you have been in search of a phone mount for your mountain bike that fits the bill in terms of providing flexibility and ample security for your phone as you cycle away, then the Rokform phone mount might be just what you have been looking for. With its adjustable viewing angle and its sturdy construction, it isn’t really that hard to see why it happens to be a favorite among the cycling circles at all.


  • The Rokform mount has an adjustable viewing angle that helps you not only have a clear view of your phone but also allows you access to your phone while you cycle.
  • It utilizes Roklock quarter turn system and Roksafe magnetic technologies to keep the phone safe and secure at all times.
  • It is constructed of military grade aluminum with a stainless steel screw that enables it to stand the rigors of daily use.
  • It is lightweight enough to keep you moving your fastest.
  • It has a stylishly sleek design that’s pretty much aesthetically appealing.
  • It fits bikes that accept 1-1/8’ thread less steer tubes.


  • It allows for different viewing angles which is very cool.
  • It is pretty easy to install.
  • It is constructed of high-quality metal which is very hard to come by these days.
  • It is sturdy enough to hold your phone in place even through the roughest of trails and road rides.
  • It is lightweight in nature and hence doesn’t weigh you down as you cycle swiftly to your next adventure.
  • The fact that it’s used and endorsed by pros means that it is a product that you can definitely trust.
  • It fits most if not all the bikes including road and mountain models.
  • It features a water resistant skin that protects your phone from the wet weather without necessarily hindering full operation.


  • The locking points are not so strong


The Rokform bike mount provides its user with a secure and sturdy home that helps put their mind at ease as they ride their bike even through the roughest of terrains. With its vast versatility and its amicable sizing, it will no doubt appeal to just about any cyclist.

9. Tao Tronics Bike Mount

best handlebar phone mount

No matter where you are having your adventurous escapades, the Trao Tronics bike mount might just be the cycling companion that you have been in search of.

While primarily crafted for holding a Smartphone, the Trao Tronics bike holder now doubles up to accommodate any device as long as its width is between 1.97 and 3.94 inches. It helps free up your hand as you cycle whilst getting the most fun without getting even a hint of boredom. What’s more, it also has all-round protection that helps protect your phone as well as prevents it from sliding and slipping out on the road.


It features none slip rubber grip cradles that help secure your device and safeguard it against any imminent accidental falls.


  • It is pretty easy to install and remove it from the handle bar.
  • It is compatible with most of the devices including small and big devices as long as they are between 1.97 inches and 3.94 inches.
  • It is rotatable to up to 360 degrees to present the best viewing angle.


  • It’s difficult to balance the phone properly.


All in all, all factors considered, this is a pretty adorable addition to have on your handlebar. Its performance no doubt speaks for itself and that is probably the reason as to why it’s highly recommended among the cycling circles.

10. Wiz Gear Magnetic Bike Mount

waterproof phone mount for bike

The Wiz Gear mount provides its users with a hassle free way of placing your phone securely to ensure it doesn’t fall. Among its strong points include its magnetic technology that helps keep your phone secure and it’s uniquely sturdy base that solidly keeps your phone in its right place.


  • It has a reinforced magnetic holder that holds any type of Smartphone.
  • It has a high-quality rubber construction at the base that holds your Smartphone in place regardless of road vibrations.
  • It has a smooth surface that’s suitable for mounting any Smartphone in place.


  • It allows you to rotate your phone and swivel; your display as you please.
  • The base of the mount remains firmly fixed as you swivel your display.
  • It has a simple and complementary design that allows for ease of use.


  • Although the magnetic is strong, the bands still break easily.
  • The plastic part is prone to breakage


When your phone is securely in place, it becomes so much easier for you to use your GPS, listen to music and monitor the number of calories burned.

Things to Consider when Buying an MTB Phone Mount

For you to choose an apt bicycle phone mount that will serve your needs to your fulfillment there are certain factors you need to put into consideration. Here are a few tips that will help you purchase one that will definitely be worth your while.

Whether the phone mount is waterproof

If you cycle all day every day regardless of whether it is raining or scorching hot, then it might be important for you to ensure that the bike mount you set out to purchase has waterproof properties. This way, your phone will still be protected in the wet weather and sunny weather alike. Check out more tips for riding in the rain.

Whether the mount has a hard case or a soft case

By and large, hard case phone mounts no doubt happen to be a little bit pricier compared to the soft case mounts. Even so, that doesn’t mean that all is lost for soft cases and neither does it in any way imply that soft cases don’t have their uses. On the contrary, most times you will find that the soft cases happen to be more versatile and hence work with any Smartphone as well as allow touch screen capability which happens to be absent in hard cases.

Whether it has a handlebar mount or a stem cap mount

In determining exactly what mount to go for it is vital to remember that while a handlebar mount sets your phone on the edge of your sight, the stem cap mounts on the other handsets your phone a bit further out of your periphery hence necessitating you to move your head downwards more obviously. And while this is purely a matter of one’s personal preference, it is still something that one should take into consideration during purchase.

Compatibility with your phone

Much as most bike phone mounts happen to be universally compatible, that may not be the case with all the bike mounts and more so with the kind of bike mount that you wish to have. It is therefore pertinent to analyze its compatibility beforehand so as to avoid having to ship back the product.


Among all the other available bike mounts in the market, the Vibrelli bike mount takes the cup in as far as performance and reliability are concerned. Although it’s very similar to the other products, there are certain features that make it stand out including the clamp and silicone bands that ensure your device’s added protection as you cycle away and the special ball and socket design that further enhances its overall flexibility. In addition, it also allows you full access to your phone screen, buttons, and micro jack and hence allows you to use your phone without first having to remove it.

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