Best MTB Elbow Pads 2021: Expert Reviews for the Best Mountain Bike Elbow Pads

If you’re a mountain biker, chances are you know the importance of wearing MTB elbow pads. Whether it’s to protect your elbows from crashing onto sharp rocks or bolts, to keep them warm on long rides in cold weather, or just for extra comfort when riding over rough terrain – good quality MTB Elbow Pads can make all the difference. But what should you look for? And how do they work?

We’ve compiled a list of all the different types of elbow pads and their respective benefits, so you can find elbow pads that suit your needs!

  1. Fox Racing Launch D3O Elbow Pad
  2. G-Form E-Line Elbow Pads
  3. Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads
  4. POC Joint VPD 2.0 Elbow Pads
  5. G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pad
  6. DEMON UNITED Hyper X D3O Elbow Pads
  7. Troy Lee Designs Raid Elbow Guard

Understanding MTB Elbow Pads

The first type of MTB elbow pads is called a “soft shell.” This type is often very thin and breathable, but also offers the least amount of protection. The next type is called hard shell. They are usually made with plastic or carbon fiber to offer more protection than soft shells do. The last type is called semi-hard shell. These are similar to hard shells but typically have softer outer materials such as neoprene on them for comfort and flexibility purposes.

Is it a coincidence that mountain bikers tend to fall when they haven’t worn their elbow and knee pads?

Well, I realized for one to be on the safe side, you must have your entire protective gear so as to minimize any injury risks.

Most times when a cyclist falls on the ground, the elbows and arms tend to get injured. This is a clear indication that every mountain biker must have the best MTB elbow pads to protect them from bruises.

In the last 2 months, I have been carrying out research to find out the best mountain bike elbow pads.

Good news is that I was able to test around 10 elbow pads and came up with a review of the 5 best mountain biking elbow pads. I also interviewed a number of mountain bikers so that I could incorporate their opinion in these reviews.

5 Best Mountain Bike Elbow Pads To Buy

During our research, we concluded that the Race Face Ambush is the currently the best elbow guard. It provides maximum protection and comfort during trail rides.

I bought a pair from Amazon, and I am pleased with its capabilities and awesome features. Below are our reviews on the top 5 elbow guards you should look at.

1. Race Face Ambush Elbow Pads

best mtb elbow pads


As I mentioned earlier, Race Face Ambush are my favorite biking elbow pads. They are built to provide comfort and breathability during trail rides. I noted that these elbow pads are flexible; in fact, you won’t feel any form of discomfort on your inner elbow.

The inner part of these elbow pads are fitted with a Terry lining that wicks away sweat and moisture. Besides, the lining also provides comfort to the rider. The other feature that you will love about the Race Face is that they have soft mesh panels located at the inner elbow. The main purpose is to allow air circulation and increase flexibility.

Ambush Elbow guards comes with upper elastic straps that helps secure the pads on the upper arm. The lower section has a Neoprene comfort strap that holds the guards in place. Finally, just like the Race Face Knee Pads, the elbow pads are designed to absorb high levels of impact.

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2. Fox Racing launch MTB Elbow Pad

best mtb elbow pads

The main reason I recommend the Fox Racing Launch is because they are quite affordable. With less than 50 bucks, you can grab a pair of these high-end  mtb elbow pads.

Secondly, you’ll note that these MTB elbow pads cover a large area of your arms, meaning that you’ll rarely get injured even after a hard fall.

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3. 7iDP Control Elbow pads

best mountain bike elbow pads

If you’ve tried the 7iDP knee pads, you’ll agree with me that their products are awesome. The same case applies to their MTB elbow pads; they are designed to absorb high levels of impact. I got the chance to test them and am pleased to recommend them to you guys.

You all know that some elbow and knee pads make it hard for a mountain biker to bend their knees and elbows when riding. Good news is that the 7iDPcontrol elbow protection is designed in a manner that doesn’t distract pedaling.

These awesome pads are fitted with a Curv hard cap that absorbs impact in case of a crash. Besides, the pad is surrounded by a double layer of polygon foam that protects your arm from abrasions and bruises when you hit the deck.

The other great feature I noted with these bike elbow pads was the breathable mesh located at the back of the forearm. It helps in wicking away sweat and moisture ensuring that you remain comfortable when riding.

I appreciate the fact that these elbow pads have two hook-and-loop straps that holds the guards in place. The guards also have a center strap that runs around the forearm to control them from sliding around.

Make sure you grab a pair of these elbow pads at a fair price on Amazon.

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Factors to Consider When Buying MTB Elbow Pads

MTB elbow pads are an essential part of a mountain bike’s gear. They protect you from scrapes, cuts, and bruises while riding your bike over rough terrain or tackling technical sections.

When choosing the best pair of MTB Elbow Pads for yourself it is important to consider what type of protection they offer as well as how many layers there are in them, if they have any ventilation holes in them, and most importantly that you wear them correctly!

Take into account both comfortability when wearing these pads along with their effectiveness at protecting your elbows before making a purchase.

Whether you want protection from rocks and branches or just need some extra padding when going downhill, there’s a pad for every type of rider out there! How do you choose? Well first it is important to know what type of riding will be most likely in order to make sure that the pads fit properly and offer adequate coverage.

We recommend talking with your local bike shop about which style would work best for your needs before purchasing online. Once you’ve found a good pair, take care not only to wear them correctly but also clean them periodically as they can harbor bacteria if left untreated too long.

Buying the Right Size of MTB Elbow Pads

The biggest mistake that cyclists make when buying MTB elbow pads is choosing a size too small. Every year, hundreds of cyclists get injured because they are wearing the wrong size elbow pads. And even if you don’t fall off the bike, a poorly positioned pad can cause irritation and even blisters. To avoid this, you need to wear a pad that is comfortable and fits well.

I will teach you how to measure your arm length so that you can find the right size for MTB elbow pads.

First, measure from your wrist bone to your upper arm in centimeters (cm). Next, take a measurement in cm from the center of your chest around the back of your arm past where it meets up with your shoulder blade. Finally, compare these two measurements together; whichever one is longer should be used as the main measurement when buying new MTB elbow pads!

You’ll also need to look at what types of activities the elbow pads are made for: mountain biking, road cycling or racing? Then think about whether or not you want full coverage or just a little bit of padding. And finally, consider which material will work best with the type of riding that makes up most of your time on two wheels.

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