Best Mountain Bikes for Hunting

Mountain bikes with fat tires are distinguished for hunting. They are safe to ride on mud, sand, through rocks, grass and other forms of terrain that define the jungle.

The high-end bikes are fitted with a scabbard for a gun, bow or fishing pole. The bike itself is a tool for hunters since it enables them to access even those hard to reach places.

There is no better tasting thing in hunting than acquiring a hunting bike and the best mountain bike for that matter. You can do hunting while riding, scout the ditches and the brush and still keep a sharp eye on the game while cruising quickly past low lying cover.

In my former hunting years, I tried all manner of mountain bikes in the woods but Fat Tire Bikes beats them all. They are quiet, forgiving on rough terrains and very stable.

What is even more impressive about these Fat Bikes is their geometry that put you in an upright position, good and comfortable especially while riding on low speeds.

The best mountain bikes for hunting are designed in different models. We have the normal traditional mountain bikes and the more sophisticated modern electric ones. Despite the modifications that have come with time, the main feature that defines a mountain bike for hunting has remained; The Fat Tires.

I am preparing you for the best experience in hunting which I believe is the journey you are preparing for; no wonder you visited this page. Let us now look at what you need to know before purchasing a mountain bike for hunting.

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Top Seven Best Mountain Bikes for Hunting

1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

This hunting bike has a 26 inch, steel-framed supersized all-terrain knobby tires tough enough to conquer any off-road trail with ease. It comes with a Shimano rear derailleur with seven speeds, a twist Shifter that makes it smooth and easy to change gears while riding, making hills easier to climb.

The thread less headset is adjustable for riders of different heights. For added speed and performance, the strong lightweight alloy rims keep the weight down. You also need to ride this hunting bike on the sand in the desert or in the beach and enjoy the comfort of its beach cruiser pedals, front and rear disc brakes that ensure you absolute safety.

This bikes ships ready to be assembled with the right sizes for adult riders 5 feet, 6 inches to 6 feet tall. It’s also designed in many colors, from bright to dull, plain and dotted colors and in fact, you can get one with jungle color finish that enables you to hide comfortably in the bushes without game noticing your presence.

Pay us a visit and see what kind of a machine you will get from this product. Its huge and tough tires will not only glide over sand, but also through snow, mud and rocks. There is nothing you can’t do on a Mongoose Dolomite and almost nowhere you can’t go on it.


  • Strong wheels.
  • Strong body.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • All terrain bike.
  • Can last a long time if well taken care of.


  • Comes in only one size.
  • It’s a bit heavy.
  • Uncomfortable uphill.

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2. Krusher Men’s Dynacraft Fat Tire Bike

Join the fat-bike revolution with this 26 inch Dynacraft Krusher machine. It features super-fat tires on 20-inch rims. The tires are built with durable steel frames and include a coaster brake and spring saddle.

You should take this bike and enjoy riding on the trails as you go on long distance hunting adventures. This men’s fat-tire bike will allow you to make the most of the summer time weather as you get to explore the outdoors.

It will motivate you to get off the house and get active. Get yourself this stylish bike and see what it can do. Although it’s labeled men’s, it’s quite unisex, both men and women can ride on it. It comes with super-fat 4 inch tires, 20 inch rims, durable steel rims, coaster brakes, spring saddle, and 26 inch frame size and also features a weight limit of 275lbs. The seat height is not very high such that it can comfortably fit the slightly short riders. Its rims are notched and not very wide as compared to other hunting beasts making the overall weight of the Krusher Dynacraft is much lighter.


  • Small in size.
  • Effective braking system.
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comfortable and enjoyable.


  • Lacks adequate low gearing.
  • No comfortable saddle.
  • Not good for those who engage in long rides.

Mongoose Beast Men’s Fat Tire Bicycle

It’s a 26 inch fat-tire hunting bike. It’s a resilient machine with non-comparable agility, built with a rigid steel cruiser design frame along with an alloy of four-inch-wide wheelset. It also features supersized 4.25-inch knobby tires that can take on any terrain while maintaining stability and traction. This Mongoose mountain bike is single-speed and equipped with crank and beach cruiser pedals and rear coaster brakes. Its ATB handlebars are low-rise and its seat is padded for extra comfort. Its geometry offers a convenient position for athletic riding. Also available in multiple colors, though some assembly is required before riding on it. Its features can be simplified as below.

Rigid steel, cruiser design frame, single speed, rear coaster brakes, 26-inch wheels, supersized beach cruiser 4-inch knobby tires, alloy 4-inch wide wheelset, extra-strong kickstand, low-rise ATB handlebars(comfortable and stable), padded seat, 3-piece crank and beach cruiser pedals and a maximum weight of 250lbs.

From the listed features, you will notice that this hunting bike can also be used to ride on sand, in the deserts, and in the beaches, also its suitable to ride on muddy and swampy places with grass and also on rocks. I know there are other hunting bikes out there with similar specifications, but this one is a quite solid, affordable and easy to maintain mountain bike.


  • Performs very well on all terrains.
  • Grips the surface with no disappointment.
  • Very fast.
  • Durable.
  • Strong body and wheels.


  • Uses a small handle grip that makes gripping difficult.
  • It’s a bit heavy.
  • Quite expensive.

Cyrusher XF800 Fat Tire Electric Bike

This bike prides itself in having a seven system and a wider tires that can help you tackle the different terrains on an expedition especially when you are on the hilly terrain. The Shinamo Shifter enables you to enjoy 7 speeds and the Dual Hydraulic Disk Brakes ensures your uttermost safety while riding on the Cyrusher XF800 hunting bike. The brakes makes sopping a breeze especially in wet and slippery situations.

It comes with 1000W 48V High Power and fitted with Quick Removable 48V 13amh Battery, specialized for mountain bike. It can cover 25 miles on Full Electric Mode and 50miles on Assisted Pedal Mode. Actually the Cyrusher XF800B works on three different mode: Full Electric Power or Twisting Throttle Mode, Assist or Mop mode, or Turn off Power and Pedal. It’s quite a perfect transportation device for commuting, tour and daily use. It offers a smooth ride due to its Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Full Suspension and 4 inch Fat Tires that can help you tackle the different terrains on an expedition especially on the hilly terrains. It has a USB Charger Port to allow charging of your phone and other devices while riding to ensure that you will have convenient use of your phone with no fears when you most need it. The frame is made of High Quality Aluminium Alloy fitted with the Oil Spring Suspension Fork with Lockout. It also comes with a large 5 inch LCD Screen that clearly displays Battery Charging Level, Speed and Trip Distance. You can control your distance and monitor your mileage. It’s a good bike for night hunting and night adventure.


  • Strong body.
  • Strong wheels.
  • Affordable and durable.
  • Has a comfortable seat suspension.
  • Performs very well on all terrains.


  • Has narrower wheels
  • A bit high for short people
  • Feels heavier while riding uphill.

Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bikes

The Ecotric Electric Hunting Bike is quite a relief due to its ability to multitask. It completely changes the travel norms and helps you forget the problems of having to tackle traffic jam every morning or evening on your way to work. Enjoy the individual independent space with this bike that helps you maneuver through all terrains; be it in the market place or in the jungle, the Ecotric Bike gives you the best.

It features 26 Mph maximum Speed, 132lbs Rider Weight for flat road and full power. It also feature Exclusive Shinamo 7 Gears Shifting System for Fat Tire Electric Bikes only to ensure fast, smooth and accurate ride. It has a strong 1000W Driving Rear Hub Motor Battery and a removable 48V Lithium Cell with Smart Lithium Battery Charger. The 26×4.0 Fat Tire is a durable all condition road Fat Tire, safe, balanced, fast and stable for young cycling with a maximum load of 260lbs. You will also find a USB port under the meter that allows you to charge your phone while traveling.

It is 90% pre-assembled with an ergonomic design that pays attention to every detail of each component from the hand bar, adjustable seat to the anti-slip wear resistant tire.


  • Has a pretty fast speed.
  • Well-made and durable.
  • Has a durable battery.
  • Easy to use.
  • Strong body and wheels.


  • Does not do well on ice.
  • The wheels are not fat enough.
  • Does not do well on swampy grounds and mud.

Addmotor Motan 1000Watt Electric Bicycle

The ingenious design coupled with the elements of the flying tiger makes this E-bike unique such that riding it on the road attracts attention of passers-by. This Black Motan M-5500 Electric Bicycle Design is fit for 5’10”-6’10” riders and can carry adults weighing close to 350lbs making it an ideal option for larger riders. The design of the bike body reminds us of the flying tiger and the Shark Mouth Logo on the frame is the symbol of the flying tigers.

It’s made of durable and stiff 6061 Aluminium alloy frame with the fat tire that makes this bike especially perfect for the mountain, wasteland and also effective on the road, trail, city, beach or on snow. It has 1000W State-of-the-art geared post positioned motor that delivers best in class acceleration and hill climbing. The sensation of power that this motor gives you is exhilarating. Has 48Volts 14.5Ah battery that is reliable and long lasting and uses Panasonic cells with cutting edge Lithium-ion Technology. Also has a Removable Pack Motor, 48V 1000W Rear Hub Motor specially designed for Snow Beach All Terrain Gear Sensor. It can detect and record the action when the rider shifts the gear on E-bike LCD display.

This almost-all-purpose bike features a stiff and durable rear luggage rack perfect for carrying your groceries and shopping, you could also add a basket or bike bag to carry your pet. It makes your trip convenient and enjoyable.

It also comes with an efficient electric power Headlight with reflector to keep you visible at all times, never having to worry about charging or replacing batteries at the end of the long hunting or travelling day. With a powerful battery taillight, which combines reflective function, flash and constant mode to ensure that your safety while riding at night is well looked at.


  • Easy to assemble with the manual.
  • It’s a quiet bike.
  • Comfortable to ride.
  • Has a pleasant design.
  • It’s highly durable.


  • The control is not the best because it is placed down the system.
  • Difficult to assemble without the manual.
  • A bit heavy.

Nakto 29 Inch 500W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

This Electric Bike adopts High Strength Carbon Steel Frame. The Front Fork is made of High-Strength Carbon Steel and packed with Premium Comfort Shock Absorption. It has a multi-function LED anti light digital dashboard that displays PAS level, speed, distance, and time and battery power. This super cruiser electric bike is fit for 5’6”-6’8” and can carry adults weighing close to 300lbs, making it ideal for larger riders. If you use Motor Power and also pedal with Level One Assist, the maximum speed can go up to 35MPH and move a distance up to 35-50 miles per charge. You can still pedal in case the charge is lost.

It is fitted with a 500W Brushless motor which is powered by a removable and waterproof Samsung 48V/12Ah Lithium Water Bottle Battery with over 1000times recharge cycle. The braking system includes Dual Disk Brakes and Full Suspension for efficient and flawless stoppage, matching with Bright Front Light and Horn for protecting your cycling safety.

Carries with it Three Working Modes; Twist Throttle, Power Assisted and Pedal only. You can enjoy your ride with any model. It is 100% electric with 0% emissions, saving both your wallet and the environment. Both the Bike and the battery comes with 1-year warranty and the bikes parts are free for the customers during the quality assurance period. The E-bike is 95% assembled before shipment to avoid the collision and damage during transit. You only need to assemble the front wheel and the handlebar.


  • Strong bike
  • Big and tough on any environment.
  • Has a pleasant design.
  • Strong and reliable battery.
  • Enjoyable and comfortable.


  • Noisy and not good for the environment.
  • Scares game because of the noise.
  • Not suitable for hunting.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Mountain Bike for Hunting

The distance on a charge for Electric Bikes

You need to check how your electric bike charging system rates. Different designs come with different charge life span so you need to select one that will give you the best service. Most of the electric bikes are rated to travel about 20 miles on flat, hard ground with the power setting at its lowest, energy-saving position. If you are intending to purchase a bike where you will be travelling many miles, you can purchase an extra battery to carry with you though you should not worry much because these electric bikes can also be ridden with no power at all.

Handling Terrain

Test your hunting bike on all terrains; dry, sandy, loam up the country. Try it on deep sand beds in the roads. Due to the wide, low-pressure tires, you should encounter absolutely no problem. If you purpose to ride your bike along the sides of the rocky slopes, it should not slip sideways but I would not recommend extremely sharp slopes. Choose also a bike that would cope in muddy logging roads and big hills to test the breaking system. On steep slopes, you are required to hold the brakes tight while descending. In these cases the brakes should perform flawlessly with no squeaking.

Bike Tire Size

If you are a daily hunter and you want to avoid a flat tire, a dirt enthusiast who lives for single track or maybe you are an occasional cyclist looking for a comfortable ride. Depending on the kind of riding you do, you would want to choose the appropriate bike tire beyond the obvious.

Remember this is a hunting bike we are talking about so you should have the jungle in your mind as you explore your options. Check the rim size, the thread edges which of course should be sharp enough. Always replace your tires if you notice that your bike is getting a lot of flats and also when your bike is handling poorly or the threads appear rounded or uneven.

Different mountain bikes come with different tire sizes. For hunting, you should consider fat cross country tires which are meant to withstand the abuse of drops and rock gardens. Consider also those tire sizes that will exert low pressure on sandy or muddy grounds that characterizes most jungles.

See: Best MTB Wheelsets for the Money

Bike Tire Threads

More treads typically means more grip and more toppling resistance. So you will need to balance your need for sped with your desire to grip. Knobby tires are the most appropriate when it comes to hunting. There are tires with small knobs which are faster and suitable for smooth single track. Taller knobs offer more grip in technical terrain like roots and rocks. Wide tires with sturdy paddle-like knobs are best for soft trail conditions. For the jungle you need tires designed for mud which have widely-spaced knobbies so that mud sheds from the tire.


Bicycle suspension is the system or systems used to suspend the rider and the bicycle in order to insulate them from the roughness of the terrain. Bicycle suspension can be implemented in a variety of ways or a combination of different methods.

  • Front suspension.
  • Rear suspension.
  • Suspension seat post.
  • Suspension saddle
  • Suspension hub.

Bicycles with only front suspension are referred to as Hardtail and those with suspension on both the front and rear are referred to as Dual or Full suspension bikes. When a bicycle has no suspension, it is called Rigid. I know you would prefer a stiffer frame but remember that no material is infinitely stiff and therefore any frame will exhibit some flexing.

Bicycle designers intentionally makes frames in such ways that the frame itself can absorb some vibrations. Besides providing comfort to the rider, suspension system improves traction and safety by helping to keep one or both wheels in contact with the ground.

Throttle Mode Vs Pedal Assist Mode

A throttle or pedal assist electric bikes: which one will you prefer? The throttle mode is similar to how motorcycles or scooters operates. When the throttle is engaged, the motor provides power and propels you and the bike forward, a throttle allows you to pedal or just kick back and enjoy your ride. The pedal-assist on the other hand is a mode that provides power only when you are pedaling. If you are used to riding traditional bike, the peddle assist mode has a more intuitive feel compared to the throttle mode. The pedal assist is also nice because you can focus purely on your pedaling and you won’t have to hold the throttle on a certain position.

Since you have to pedal, the pedal assist mode will generally give you more range when compared to the throttle mode. A lot of pedal assist bikes have different levels of assistance, for example: low, medium or high assist. It’s also good to note that some electric bikes have 4 or 5 pedal assist settings and some come equipped with both the throttle and the pedal assist modes such that you can be operating the bike in pedal assist mode and then get an additional boost by twisting the throttle. Also some have both modes but cannot be used at the same time.

Now which mode do you prefer? If you want the option to simply cruise along and pedal or not pedal, then you should consider a throttle e-bike. If you enjoy pedaling and want a more intuitive e-bike then go for the pedal assist also known as Pedelec.

More and more bikes are coming with both systems so you may have the option of using both systems depending on your style.

I hope my guide helps in making you understand what you need as you explore the different electric and traditional bikes in the market. I would recommend that you take a closer look at the following different examples for more insights. My list without an iota of doubt considers the best mountain hunting bikes that many buyers have used and recommended to be true to description.

Final Takeaway

We have looked at the Seven Best Hunting Bikes and surely, I am pleased with the advantages Fat Tire Bikes have for you. I am also sure you will find other new uses and benefits as you purchase and use it more and more.


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