Best Mountain Bike Trails in Moab, Utah

Moab is renowned for its technical trails, which offer mountain bikers a wide variety of trails to choose from depending on their experience level. Moab is the ideal place for both beginners and seasoned mountain bikers who are looking for a challenge. You simply can’t get enough of these trails. As you scale the trails you will get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the beautiful mesa tops to the world renowned canyons.

Some of the best trails include:

Klondike Bluff Area

To get to Klondike Bluff Area, you will drive 17.5 miles north of Moab, Utah on Highway 191. Turn right on Bluff Road and drive for another 3 miles to a trailhead on your left.

Klondike Bluff Trailhead

The Klondike Bluff consists of an 8.2 mile trail to and from the Klondike Trailhead and 14 miles out and back from the highway. The Klondike Bluff is moderately difficult as it has some easy sections and others that are physically challenging. The challenging sections entail technical climbs some climbs being as high as 600ft. The Klondike Bluff presents the perfect opportunity for novice mountain bikers to horn their biking skills.

Baby Steps Loop

Baby Steps Loop is 20.7 miles out and back from Highway 191 and 14.9 miles out and back from the Klondike trailhead. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking that riding through this trail will be easy because it is not. The baby steps loop involves a 1700ft climb and it has two sections that are specifically designed for use by mountain bikers. The two sections are semi-technical and should be fun even for experienced mountain bikers. The last singletrack section consists of a downhill trail, which makes it the ideal section for adrenaline junkies.

Other notable Klondike Bluff Area trails include:

EKG- 5.3 miles from the Dino-Flow Trails

Mega Steps – 3.1 miles from the Baby Steps Loop

Alaska- 3.6 mile loop that connects the north end to the Mega Steps high ridge

Whole Enchilada

The Whole Enchilada trail system consists of 6 trails that make up a 25 mile downhill run. The 25-mile trail system spans from La Sal Mountains to Colorado River.

Burro Pass

The 4.2 miles Burro Pass trail is considered to be the most difficult section of the Whole Enchilada. It is ideal for experienced riders with advanced skills. The trail consists of a 700ft climb in less than 1 mile and an 1860ft descend in just over 2 miles. The average grade is 14% but there are also sections that exceed 20%. It is advisable that you check your brakes before you attempt the Burro Pass trail.

Hazzard County

Stretching for approximately 2.9 miles, the Hazzard County is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders. The Hazzard County trail begins with a 200ft climb and then the rest is downhill. The average grade is about 9%. The trail is a mixture of fun and fast. It starts at the Hazzard Trailhead and ends at the Las Sal Loop Road.

Porcupine Rim

The porcupine Rim is approximately 11.9 miles with obstacles that are not that easy to navigate even for advanced users. The average grade is about 7%.

Lower Porcupine Singletrack

The LPS trail is among the most challenging sections in Moab. The trail split into two; the North Section and the rim ride section. The rim ride section is a little bit difficult, which should be the perfect challenge for riders with little to moderate experience. The Notch is designated for experts. LPS has an average grade of 11%.

Upper Porcupine Singletrack

The average grade is 6 %. The UPS is moderately challenging as the track includes ledges, dry washes, rocks and roots. If the track proves to be challenging you can always take a break at the primitive campground just close to the UPS. The end of this singletrack is the beginning of the Lower Porcupine Singletrack.

Kokopelli Leg

The Kokopelli Leg is a two-track section that drops approximately 550 ft to the start of the UPS. It is moderately difficult as the only tedious thing is dodging rocks. The Kokopelli leg has an average grade of 7% and a length of 1.8 miles.





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