While going out to buy motorcycle gloves, color and quality are not the only features you should look for. You need gloves that will fit you so that you can be comfortable riding. Choosing the wrong size of gloves may predispose your accidents, and you will not feel comfortable while riding. The size of your hands will determine the size of the gloves you will purchase.

It is advisable to order for gloves that are the size that you normally wear. Most of the gloves in the market have consistent sizes. Each brand has its  size. If you wear large size, it is advisable to buy a similar size. If you are buying the gloves for the first time, you can always measure the size of your hands. This will help you get the right size of the glove you will need. You can measure your hand with a cloth tape measure. Collect different measurements of your hand. The best sizing for your glove will be the largest size that you get. You may try making your palm wide and flat to vary the measurement. After taking the measurement, determine the right size for you using the table below:

Glove SizeHand SizeInchesCm
7x-small2 3/4″7
7.5x-small2 7/8″7.5
8small3 1/8″8
8.5small3 5/16″8.5
9medium3 1/2″9
9.5medium3 3/4″9.5
10large3 7/8″10
10.5large4 1/8″10.5
11x-large4 1/4″11
11.5x-large4 1/2″11.5
12xx-large4 3/4″12
12.5xx-large4 7/8″12.5
13xxx-large5 1/8″13

The above table shows various measurements of the hands and the appropriate glove that you will need. For women, the size of the gloves is one step smaller than those of men. For children, the size is much smaller compared to men and women motorcycle gloves. You need to be very careful while picking a glove for your child. The gloves for children vary from sizes XXS, XS, S, M, and L for 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 respectively.

Another most straightforward approach to measuring your hand for an expected cruiser glove fit is with a blueprint realistic of your hand. Use the outline to measure the appropriate size for your gloves.

The second and more correct approach to measuring your hand for a definitive glove fit is to utilize a dressmaker measuring tape. It’s as basic as wrapping the measuring tape around the knuckles of your overwhelming hand, barring the thumb. The estimation ought to be brought with a shut clench hand as your hand extends when held and will give you the most faultless measurement. It is best to request gloves in the size you typically wear. Most (yet not all) gloves are reasonably predictable in size starting with one brand then onto the next, so on the off chance that you have bought “large size” previously, and then it is a safe bet that you can again request a huge.

Any time you go out to buy motorcycle gloves, consider the sizes of the gloves. Choosing the right size of the gloves ensure your safety while driving. You may also need to try various brands that are in your size to get the one that works for you.