Best Off-road Electric Bike for Hunting

Remember the last time you went out hunting?

You carried maybe 50 lbs (22 kg) of gear and trekked over 5 or even 10 miles. If you were lucky in your hunt, you had to haul back a 300-pound deer on your back or dragging it along the ground.

It’s exhausting and takes away the enjoyment of hunting.

That’s why you need the best fat tire e-bike for hunting.

Modern fat tire electric bicycles offer many valuable features to make riding on hilly, challenging terrain easier. These models also have much larger weight carrying capacities than conventional fat tires.

Here is a carefully selected list of the top 5 models that will help you pick out the best fat tire e-bike for hunting. 

1. QuietKat Apex Pro

QuietKat is a leader in the hunting-specific e-bike space, and its Apex Pro model is a testament to their expertise. It comes with a 1,000-watt mid-drive motor and a SRAM nine-speed drivetrain, designed for high load capacities and traversing all sorts of terrain. The Apex Pro feels more like a dirt bike than a bicycle, and it has no problem hauling.

2. RadPower RadRunner 3

The RadRunner 3 is a surprising entry in this list. It’s not designed for hunting or even mountain biking—it’s a cargo bike. However, it stole the hearts of everyone who rode it during the test. It’s a testament to the versatility of e-bikes and how they can be adapted to various uses, including hunting.

3. Trek Powerfly FS9 Equipped Gen 3

Trek is a well-known bicycle company that knows how to make a fantastic ride. The Powerfly FS9 is one of their best-selling e-mountain bikes and offers great value for the price. It also had the best range in the test, with riders reporting regularly riding 40 to 50 miles on a charge. This is a crucial factor in using an e-bike for hunting, as you don’t want to have to pedal these without e-assist.

4. Canyon Spectral:On CF7

If you’re a mountain biker who’s most interested in a bike for trail riding first, and hunting second, the Spectral:ON is a good choice. It’s a high-caliber bike that can handle abuse, but it’s also a significant investment.

5. Rambo Ryder

The Rambo Ryder is a hunting-specific bike with a 750-watt, mid-drive motor. However, it had the lowest range of all the bikes tested, at less than 20 miles. It wasn’t as smooth on rough terrain as the other hardtails, so it might not be the best choice for hunting.

6. Bakcou Kodiak

The Bakcou Kodiak is a killer electric hunting bike for the price. It offers a great range, is powerful, and can take on any terrain.

7. Bushwacker Electric Hunting Bike

The Bushwacker is designed to withstand rough terrain but is light enough to lift out of your truck or trailer. It also has front suspension, which is an essential aspect of a smooth ride.

8. Megatron Electric Hunting Bike

The Megatron is not just a standard e-bike with a camo paint job. It starts with a motor that is powerful enough to carry a 300lb rider and still tow a trailer with lots of gear.

9. Pursuit 2.0 Full Suspension

The Pursuit 2.0 Full Suspension is a hunting-specific e-bike that can go 30 to 60 miles per charge. It’s designed to take you where no other hunter can easily access.

10. YOUNG ELECTRIC Hunting Bike

YOUNG ELECTRIC offers a long-range electric hunting bike that provides full customer support, including toll-free expert advice. It’s a good-quality bike that comes with free shipping.

The Mule by Bakcou

A key feature that stands out in the Mule is the phenomenal ultra mid-drive Bafang motor. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered for steep hills and rough terrain.

The motor comes in 750- and 1,000-watt versions.

What makes it so special?

This ultra motor is often referred to as the “diesel engine” of mid-drive motors. It’s a powerful and highly intuitive motor, featuring an all-metal, heavy-duty gearing; plus intelligent speed, brake, cadence, shift, and torque sensors.

It’s likely the most capable, durable, and efficient smart motor.

An added advantage of purchasing Bakcou’s Mule is the extra features provided:

  •           rear pannier rack
  •          mud fenders
  •           400 lm headlight
  •           2 amp charger
  •           lifetime customer support

All those extras could save you at least $200.

Now, how well does the e-bike perform?

Firstly, you get a pretty decent speed, although that’s not the main consideration for anyone looking for the best fat tire e-bike for hunting. The 750-watt model will give you a top speed of 20 mph (32 kph), and the 1,000-watt model gets up to 35 mph (56 kph).

Having front and rear brakes makes it super versatile.

On straight paths, the front brakes will serve you well. The rear brakes come in when maneuvering and cornering. Just what you need in rough, unpredictable terrain.

Despite being feature packed, it only weighs 68 lbs.

Monitoring the extensive features and the bike’s performance is also convenient using the full-color LCD digital display.

You’ll also appreciate the shock-absorbing features.

Apart from having a reasonable 100 mm air fork front suspension, it also has a shock-absorbing suspension seat post. The seat post suspension gives your e-bike the powerful hill-climbing ability of a hardtail while still giving your precious butt ample cushioning.

But does it fit every rider?

Yes, you can choose between 30-, 29.5-, and 26-inch standover heights. That suits riders as short as 5’3″ (1.6 m) up to 5’9″ (1.8 m). Much shorter riders can use the Step Through model that has a crossbar 3 inches (7.6 cm) lower.

And is it strong enough?

Well, it has a high-grade 6061 aluminum alloy frame with a 300 lbs (136 kg) load capacity. That’s almost as much as a motorcycle’s carrying capacity.

The walk-assist mode is a cool feature too.

You simply engage the motor at 2.5 mph (4 kph) so you can walk beside your bicycle as it carries your gear. This way, you’ll get more than twice the range you would get if riding on it.


  •           ultra mid-drive Bafang motor
  •           walk-assist mode
  •           high-grade 6061 aluminum alloy frame
  •           300 lbs (136 kg) load capacity
  •           seat post suspension


  •           no rear suspension

The Nomad by Rambo Bikes

The Nomad’s 750-watt Bafang motor has a maximum torque of 120 Nm. That’s what gives you the explosive force when taking off, to conquer the most challenging terrain.

Actually, 750 watts is the nominal power rating and the peak power rating is 1,000 watts.

Moreover, the motor is a mid-drive motor (positioned in between the pedals). This makes the bike excellent for mountain rides. That’s because the motor drives the crank to multiply its power and leverages on the bike’s gears.

Since you’ll likely be hunting deep in the woods, range is an important factor.

Fortunately, the Nomad has an energy packed Samsung 48v 11.6AH battery, which gives it 25 miles (40 km) of range.

How fast is it?

The 20 mph (32 kph) top speed isn’t the fastest, but good enough. But you can travel even at a snail pace or anything in-between, since you have an overwhelming 11 speeds to choose from.

For those living up north, the snow traction will likely interest you.

Good traction isn’t just because of the Maxxis Minion 26″ x 4.0″ (66 cm x 10 cm) fat tires, which prevent sinking in deep snow or mud. The tires also have specially designed treads to give more traction for efficient riding.

However, the 30-inch (76 cm) standover height might lock out short riders.

But what makes it possibly the best fat tire e-bike for hunting?

There are a bunch of reasons why…

You can use it to travel whisper-quiet deep into the woods, enter your stand in stealth mode, check game cameras, and scout the land without putting pressure on your game. All that, without worrying whether your bike will break down or get stuck on rocky or hilly trails.

Plus, it has the ultimate concealment.

The TrueTimber Viper Western Camo makes it hard to detect so you can sneak up close for the best shooting angle.

This e-bike is also very cleverly designed.

It features frame integrated batteries which sit lower on the frame than standard batteries. This lower-placed weight produces a faster, more responsive ride.

And it weighs merely 66 lbs (30 kg), which is lighter than the typical US adult (197.8 lbs/ 90 kg).

Just because it’s light doesn’t mean it’s brittle.

It has an aluminum alloy 6061 frame. This alloy offers superior performance under impact loading compared to mild steel, due to aluminum’s ability to flex under impact.

This being an electric bicycle, you’ll definitely need to keep tabs on your battery level, trip distance, speed, and power. Fortunately, you can do that conveniently using the attached digital display LCD.

Another excellent design consideration is the hydraulic brakes.

The Nomad has both front and rear Tektro HD-E350 2-piston hydraulic 180 mm (7-inch) brakes. Such hydraulic brakes perform far better than either mechanical discs or rim brakes.


  •           120 Nm maximum torque
  •           1,000 watts peak power rating
  •           25 miles (40 km) range
  •           11 speeds


  •           not the fastest top speed (20 mph/ 32 kph)

Rungu Dualie™

Your very first sighting of the Rungu Dualie™ will likely surprise you.

The double-wheel design with two front wheels that are 9 inches (23 cm) apart is certainly a stunning look. But it’s less about captivating looks and more about stable design.

Unlike single-wheel e-bikes, this three-wheeler doesn’t experience washouts or over-the-bar wipeouts when riding on muddy trails. You hardly ever need to stabilize yourself by planting a foot on the ground when riding over rocks or logs.

Besides, Rungu’s “Go Anywhere Performance” claim is spot on.

The Dualie™ will comfortably ride over soft sand and 9 inches (23 cm) of snow. Conventional two-wheelers simply can’t do that. If you doubt that claim, Rungu literally puts their money where their mouth is by offering to buy your Dualie™ back, if it doesn’t go where other e-bikes can’t.

But how do you steer two front tires?

With the Dualie’s Ackerman steering geometry, smooth turning of the front tires works just as in a car.

And you don’t even need a kickstand.

The bicycle simply stands upright on its own.

Maybe the only part that may need improvement is the suspension.

With the three inches (8 cm) of suspension travel, you may not have the capacity to handle the roughest possible terrain. Perhaps Rungu chose to make a trade-off between adding a third wheel and greater shock-absorbing capacity.

However, the climb-ability is superb.

You can climb much steeper hills with a maximum climbing grade 3 (up to 48%), without getting out of your saddle.

Best of all, the Dualie’s 26.5-inch (67 cm) standover height makes it useable by tall and short riders.

Three other key features make it particularly suited for hunting:

  •           a high-capacity 350 lbs (158 kg) maximum load weight
  •           off-road skid plates to protect the frame, motor, and linkage
  •           the forest green and midnight black concealment color

The Dualie’s powerful Bafang 1,120-watt mid-drive motor gets its energy from a 52v 15AH battery (considerably higher voltage than typical e-bike batteries).

That means it packs quite a punch.

Although Dualies may not give super-high top speeds (25 mph/ 40 kph), they certainly have unexpectedly long ranges of up to 151 miles (243 km) at pedal-assist speeds of 10 mph (16 kph) on pavement. Off-road, they can only get up to 20 miles (32 km) at pedal-assist speeds of 10 mph (16 kph).

The Dualie™ is available in three versions:

  •           Standard/ Class 1: 749-watt pedal-assist power output limit, 20 mph (32 kph) speed limit, and no throttle.
  •           Steep/ Class 2: 749-watt pedal-assist power output limit, 20 mph (32 kph) speed limit, and throttle.
  •           Rugged/ Off-Road Only: Full power without restrictions.

You can see why the Dualie™ can be the best fat tire e-bike for hunting.


  •           two front wheels
  •           doesn’t experience washouts
  •           go-anywhere performance
  •           Ackerman steering geometry
  •           maximum climbing grade 3 (up to 48%)


  •           Only three inches (8 cm) of suspension trave

Quietkat Ranger

Quietkat’s Ranger is another serious contender for the best fat tire e-bike for hunting.

The new 2020 Ranger has a specially designed frame geometry that offers focused weight distribution in order to optimize ride quality and handling. The frame has adjustable dropouts (fork ends where wheel axles are attached) which let you easily adjust the wheelbase or simply run a single-speed drivetrain.

Plus, it has a hub-drive motor.

Such a motor provides direct power to the rear wheel without going through the chain. This results in consistent power in all gears.

Such a setup delivers maximum power from either the 1,000- or 750-watt version. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Ranger offers an impressive 40-mile (64 km) maximum range from a mere 48v 11.6AH battery.

The bike’s 7-speed SRAM gears give you the added luxury of riding in just the right speed that you like.

However, it doesn’t really feature premium braking technology.

Quietkat installed Tektro mechanical disc brakes on the Ranger, instead of superior hydraulic brakes.

Besides that, this electric bicycle offers many superb features, including the Mozo coil suspension fork with 100 mm (4 inch) of travel. That’s what you’ll typically find in cross country race (XC) bikes.

So, how does it perform on difficult terrain?

Well, climbing moderately steep hills and riding through muddy trails is no problem. The 26” x 4.5” (66 cm x 11.4 cm) tires combined with heavy-duty thread ensure that you pull through the toughest terrain.

It’s also quite sturdy with a durable 6061 aluminum frame. 

No wonder this 79 lbs (35 kg) e-bike can easily carry 325 lbs (147 kg) loads.

Moreover, Quietkat’s engineers ensured that exposed parts aren’t affected by moist and wet conditions. The stainless steel drive chain, in particular, is designed to resist rust.


  •           adjustable dropouts
  •           hub-drive motor
  •           40-mile (64 km) maximum range
  •           7-speed SRAM gears


  •           mechanical disc brakes

E-Cells’ Super Monarch™ Crown

E-Cells’ Super Monarch™ Crown not only has two motors, but also two batteries.

If that’s not overkill, nothing else is.

But then, that’s what anyone would expect from the best fat tire e-bike for hunting.

Let’s have a look at the motors, first.

The twin 750-watt geared hub motors have a massive combined 170 Nm of torque. You will climb with ease and explore the roughest terrain without fear.

A dual-motor e-bike is the equivalent of a four-wheel-drive truck.

One-wheel drives just simply cannot match this dual-motor’s performance. But you’ll have to decide whether you can tolerate the more audibly conspicuous noise from the powerful motors.

If you’re in a hurry, the Super Monarch’s 32 mph (51 kph) top speed will definitely get you to your destination faster than many other fat tire hunting e-bikes.

And now, the batteries…

A 52v 17.5AH front battery combines with a 52v 14AH rear rack battery to give a total of 1,638 watt hours of power. Each battery can pump out an astounding 45 amps of power, enough to provide 2,200 watts of power for both front and rear motors.

You can also use both batteries simultaneously.

Using the batteries together makes them run cooler; hence, increasing efficiency and overall run time. That’s how you get 60 miles (100 km) of range on pedal assist.

Not bad for an e-bike weighing 95 lbs.

To top it all, the Super Monarch™ Crown features full suspension.

Everything comes in twos.

It’s not all about raw power though.

Maximum utility is also 9 levels of assist with a 1:1 ratio.

How does the pedal assist work?

This pedal assist uses a cadence sensor which gives you a set speed when you’re pedaling. However, some people might prefer a torque sensor that matches the assist to how hard you’re pedaling; whereby, you’re putting in at least a quarter of the effort.

You’ll find many other features in the display dashboard:

  •           Bluetooth and pin code lockout for security
  •           Bluetooth and mobile navigation (for iPhone)
  •           smart battery indicator
  •           mileage indicator showing odometer, trip distance, clock, and riding time
  •           power indicator


  •           two motors and two batteries
  •           170 Nm of torque
  •           32 mph (51 kph) top speed
  •           60 miles (100 km) of range on pedal assist


  •           cadence sensor

Choosing the Best Flat Tire E-bike for Hunting

So, which option should you choose as the best fat tire e-bike for hunting?

Admittedly, there’s no single bike that can be the best for everyone.

Different hunters have different needs, goals, and strategies that may require different electric bicycles. Even the terrain will vary from hilly to flat and rocky, necessitating different bikes.

That being said, Rungu’s Dualie™ stands out as offering a particularly unique advantage over many other options. The three-wheeler’s stability makes it literally go places that few other electric bicycles can.

E-Cells’ Super Monarch™ Crown might be powerful, but the noisier motors could probably ruin your stealth mode in the wild.

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