Best Ground Mounted Bike Racks for Garage Floor

Any experienced cyclist will gladly warn you against leaving your bicycle out in the open especially on a busy street. You are bound to lose it. The best option is to store it in your garage or your house in case you don’t have a garage. But the thing with garages, almost every piece of crap is stored in the garage, which could damage your bike. This is why you need the best bike rack for garage floor to prevent damage to your bikes and save on space.

Have you ever experienced the frustration and hassle of trying to access your bike but you have to move toys, storage bins or your car to get to the bike? It’s too much hassle for a day’s work and you are yet to begin your commute. You can sort this out either by rearranging your garage or buying a bike rack for your garage.

Initially, bike racks were built for use by the public but as time went by, manufacturers began building more personalized bike racks for personal storage. Today, bike racks are used to secure bikes to a vehicle when travelling or store bikes in garages or indoor spaces. Manufacturers have come up with different designs to fit classic and modern lifestyles. This means that is a bike rack for everyone even for fat bikes.

Choosing the best bike rack for garage floor

Ease of use

When it comes to bikes racks, you don’t want to spend the better part of your evening trying to mount a single bike to a bike rack or stand. It’s easier to lean it on a wall or a car but the reason you want a bike rack is so that you don’t have to lean your bike against walls or cars.

What we would call the best bike rack for garage floor may not be the best for you. Our choices are dependent on our needs and preference. You might want a wall mounted bike rack or ceiling mounted bike rack. Both of these choices require you to drill holes into your wall or ceiling, something not every bike owner is willing to do. The remaining option is to settle for a floor rack, which might have a large footprint but at least you don’t have to drill holes.

The idea is that you buy a bike rack that will require very little time to install. And if you can find one that is fully assembled, the better. You also want a bike rack that won’t risk damaging your bikes or property. There have been instances when bikes have fallen from their bikes racks and not only did they damage the bikes but they also cars or other items that were in the garage.

You don’t want to wake up to such a mess, that’s why you need the best bike rack for your garage floor.


Another feature you want to consider is the materials. A sturdy and stable bike rack is made of strong materials and coated with rubber to avoid scuffing or scratching your bike. Also, be wary of bike racks with many hooks especially if they are not coated.  Such hooks could easily damage your bike.

You want a bike rack that is strong enough to hold your bike and stable enough not to tip over. Sturdy materials and excellent design are responsible for stability. Therefore, always be wary of the materials used and the kind of design.


Although it’s often overlooked, weight is one of the most important features. The weight factor is considered on two fronts, the weight of the bike rack and the weight that it can support.

If you intend to carry your bike rack on your outdoor adventure it’s only logical that it should be light and small enough to fit in your backpack. This is where the concept of foldable bike racks comes into play. Most foldable bike racks can fold down to a size small enough to fit in your backpack. They are also not too heavy, which means you can carry them while riding without noticing the extra weight.

You also ought to consider the weight capacity of the bike rack. Most bike racks can only support a specific weight anything extra will likely result to the bike rack tipping over. With this in mind, be sure to compare the weight rating of the bike rack to the weight of your bike.


When it comes to bike racks you want to get value for your money. You also don’t want to spend too much on a bike rack as you’ve already invested a lot in your bike. Also, keep in mind that price does not always guarantee quality and functionality.  If you have more than two bikes and kid’s bikes then a 5 bike storage rack would be the best option. But if you only have a single bike then a single bike rack will do.

Ideally, you want a bike rack that is not too expensive but has all the premium features and offer good stability.


Is a bike rack really necessary?

It depends, do you have enough storage space in your garage to store your bikes and your car? Do you need to transport your bikes when travelling? Do you need to secure your bike while cleaning? There are many reasons why you would need a bike rack but it ultimately comes down to whether you want it or not.

Having a bike rack in your garage makes it easy to arrange and store your bikes. It also eliminates the hassles of wadding through all the junk in your garage just to get your bike. Also, a bike rack will protect your bike from water damage by keeping it off the ground where it’s likely to be exposed to the elements. A bike rack is the recommended bike storage option especially for folks living in cramped apartments.

What type of bike rack should I buy for my garage?

That depends on the kind of space you have and where you want to mount the bike rack. Do you want to mount the bike rack on the wall, the roof or place it on the floor? Can you manage to lift your bike and place them on a wall mounted bike rack? How many bikes do you have? If you have more than 2 bikes, it’s only logical that you buy a bike rack that can support the weight. Preferably, pick a bike rack that is placed on the floor.

Are wall mounted and ceiling mounted bike rack considered safe?

If it’s installed correctly you don’t have to worry about safety. Look for a bike rack with strong frames and hooks. Provided you follow the installation instruction, your bikes should hang safely.

Top Picks

  1. Bikehand Snow Fat Bike Storage Bike Rack

When it comes to storing fat bikes, there is no better option than the Bikehand Snow Fat Bike storage bike rack. After a long day either at work or on the trails, the last thing you want to do is spend your time in the garage trying to find the perfect spot to store your bike.

To eliminate this hassle, you need a bike rack for your garage. In this case, the Bikehand Snow Fat storage bike rack will come in handy especially if you own a fat bike. It requires no lifting, no pulleys, no balancing act, no hanging, you simply push your bike onto the rack and you are good to go.

The manufacturers claim that it’s the most stable bike stand as it has three securing points unlike conventional bike stands which only have 1 or 2 points securing the disc rotor or frame. It can also fit all bikes, including fat bikes with a maximum tire width of 5 inches.

It’s easy to set up and unlike other bike stands it does not require you to lift your bike. It features a patented design that comprises of a tilting front holder. Every time you load your bike onto the bike rack, the front holder tilts to accommodate the weight of the bike making it ideal for heavier bikes.

Another interesting feature is the one-pull-knob that makes it easy for you to fold the stand when not in use. This saves on storage space especially if you are planning to carry it in your car. It’s the perfect bike rack for outdoor use. You can use it to support your bike instead of leaning your bike against trees or laying it on the ground.


  • Effortless push in system
  • Folds flat for easy storage or transportation
  • Compatible with 650c-700c road bikes, 20” -24” kids bikes and 26” -29” mountain bikes
  • Perfectly secure and stable
  • Perfect for heavy bikes


  • Tips over when not on a flat ground
  1. 2027 RAD Cycle Foldable Bike Rack

Need a foldable yet sturdy bike rack to store your bike in the garage? The 2027 RAD Cycle should be a great choice. It’s stylish, durable and versatile.

RAD Cycle Products are known for their quality products and the 2027 RAD Cycle is no different. It features a powder-coated steel construction and rubber feet at the base to protect your floor. It also comes with pre-drilled holes in case you want to permanently mount your bike on the rack.

The 2027 RAD bike rack is a well-built bike rack and an effective solution to your bike storage problems. Once you mount your bike on the rack, it’s secured without touching the paintwork to avoid damaging the bike or rims. It weighs 6 lbs. and can only secure a single bike. It can accommodate MTB/BMX bikes with wheel sizes ranging from 20” – 29” wheels and 650c -700c road bikes.

Although the 2027 RAD bike rack takes a simplistic approach, it looks and performs like premium bike stands. The powder coated finish is a welcome addition. Its simple but elegant design is versatile and effective. It comes fully assembled and takes less than a minute to mount your bike.

In terms of stability, the 2027 RAD bike rack is very stable such that even your cat won’t knock it over when playing in the garage. And in case you want to keep both wheels off the ground, you can place one wheel on top of a block of wood and mount the other on the rack.

There is not much you can to say about the 2027 RAD Cycle. No special installation instruction or use, which is a good thing. The less complicated it is, the easier it is to use.


  • Easy to use
  • Very stable
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Simple, elegant design


  • Rubber feet tend to fall off
  1. Reliancer Sports Foldable Alloy Bike Rack

The Reliancer Sports bike rack is another great storage option for anyone living in studio apartments, cramped quarters or just looking for a quality bike rack for the unused space in your garage. And the best part is that it doesn’t require to be anchored to walls, the weight of the bike is enough to hold the rack down.

Unlike the conventional bike stands where you have to lift your bike to mount it onto a stand, the Reliancer bike rack only requires you to push the bike onto the stand and it does the rest. It has 4 points holding on to the tires instead of one or two.

The Reliancer bike rack is a quick fix to your bike storage problems especially bikes lying on the floor, leaning against your car or walls. It comes fully assembled and only takes a second or two to mount your bike. Once mounted, the rack’s patented design will hold your bike and ensure that it doesn’t fall when shaken. In the morning when heading to work, you simply fold the bike rack to save space.

When storing your bike, you are not only hoping to save space but you also want a bike rack that will not damage your bike in the process of storing. The Reliancer guarantees that your bike is protected with it delicate specification coating and spring-loaded arm that secures the front wheel without scratching the rims or spokes


  • Plastic coating as a protective measure
  • Foldable design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Not ideal for storing heavy bikes
  1. Bikehand Bike Floor Parking Rack

For some cyclists, mounting their bikes on pulley bike racks or wall mounted bike racks isn’t an option they are willing to consider. Which means, they can either use a floor bike rack or lean it against a wall. The former is a better option as it’s stable and can hold more than a single bike. If you are in such a situation you want to consider getting a bike rack such as the Bikehand Bike floor parking rack.

It is a cleverly designed bike rack that uses a patented design to secure your bike. This simple push in design only requires you to push your bike into the rack where the front holder tilts to accommodate your bike. The simple push-in design makes it ideal for heavy bikes.

The bikehand bike rack is said to be the most stable bike stand as it uses three points to hold on to your tire instead of one point holding on to the disc rotor, frame or rim. In addition to this, the wheel sitting is much deeper than that of typical stands, which allows it to stay firm in the front holder. It also has a dynamic stand base that is very stable and hard to knock over.

The rack is shipped fully assembled and weighs about 5.2 lbs. It does not require any tools to setup, fold or secure the bike. And since it’s foldable, it could be great for outdoor adventures especially if you have a car. I wouldn’t recommend carrying it in your backpack, it’s too big and sort of heavy.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Superior quality
  • Sturdy and stable


  • Too light to support bikes with panniers
  1. Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand

Looking for a rock-solid bike rack with an impeccable design? Look no more for the Feedback RAKK bike stand features a clever design that makes it possible to connect two or more bike racks together forming a row of bike racks.

It comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. You simply unfold it, set it on stable ground and push your bike’s front or rear wheel into the wheel slot. It can accommodate tire sizes ranging from 20 millimeters for road bikes – 2.4 inches for mountain bikes.

The RAKK stand is equipped with a spring-loaded arm which not only helps to hold your bike in place but also gives your bike just a little push when unloading it from the rack. They say the little things matter, right?

The RAKK stand has a compact design that comprises of a 13.5” x 13.5” base footprint and 17 inch spring-loaded arm. It weighs about 5.9 lbs. and folds down to 3.5 inches. This means you can fold it down and store it to free up space when it’s not in use. And if the black color doesn’t suit your garage, you can choose from the three available colors; silver, black and white.


  • Fold down for easy storage
  • Compact design
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • Ideal for home and office use
  • Can be modified to hold the bike in an upright position


  • Heavy bikes tend to sway and tip over
  1. CyclingDeal 5 Bike Floor Storage Rack

Do you have more than two bikes in your home but not a convenient way to store them? Worry no more for with the CyclingDeal 5 bike storage stand you can arrange five bikes together in your garage. And if you don’t want to have them all together, you can simply disassemble the extra racks and store each bike separately.

It’s shipped disassembled which gives you the luxury of choosing the number of bike racks you want to assemble. It’s arguably the most economical and convenient bike stand available today. It weighs about 13 lbs. which should be enough weight to hold it down. In addition, the tubes have a shining powder coating to aid with water resistance.

The only downside is that it can only store certain types of bikes. For example, it’s not ideal for kid bikes, heavy bikes due to the weight and bikes with disc rotors. It’s also not compatible with fat bikes, the weight alone will be enough to knock it over.

Our only concern was the durability, at first sight you wouldn’t think much of the CyclingDeal bike stand. It’s surprisingly holding up quite well, it’s been about three months since we started using it and it hasn’t shown any signs of wear and tire or rust.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • High quality steel tubes
  • Has 5 bike holders
  • 10 year warranty


  • Not recommended for outdoor use
  • Not ideal for heavy bikes
  1. MaxxHaul 80717 Foldable Bike Stand

Can’t mount a bike stand on a wall or use a pulley system?  The MaxxHaul 80717 should be a great choice for you. It’s a simple bike stand made of aluminum that will outlast all your other bike racks. The aluminum frame also makes it easy to clean, lightweight and rust resistance. It has an extremely compact design which when not in use folds down for easy storage.

The fold down feature comes in handy when trying to store it in garage cabinets, in the trunk or in your backpack. You see, it folds down to about 3 ½ inches making it possible to fit in your backpack, trunk, etc. It also has a spring loaded arm that securely holds the front wheel of your bike thus providing for better stability. This makes it ideal for use a storage rack or a repair stand when you are trying to replace some parts or cleaning the bike.

Thanks to the self-adjusting wheel bracket, it can hold wheel sizes ranging from 20” – 29”.


  • Compact lightweight design
  • Folds for compact storage
  • Doubles up as a repair stand
  • Easy to use


  • Not for fat bikes and heavy bikes

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