10 Best Mountain Bike Grips for Beginners

When shopping for the best budget mountain bikes, you’ll note that the handlebars come with their own grips. Definitely, they will serve the intended purpose but, they are not the best. I’ve noted that the market does not have good grips and I’ve decided to share info on the best mountain bike grips. Ordinary grips … Read more

8 Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Protection

Best Mountain bike helmets

Not long ago, there were two very distinct choices in MT bike helmets: Pick a hot, heavy, ugly model that offered real crash protection or go for a light, racy version that was really no more than a hat. Thankfully, MTB helmets have come a long way in the past decade. Modern skull buckets are … Read more

Best Mountain Bike Gloves for Summer & Winter

I know reading about mountain bike gloves is well, a bit dry.  Carbon fiber frames are just sexy.  Technical clothing and thermal gear, with hidden pockets and iPhone headphone feed-throughs are nice surprises.  Lithium ion rechargable mountain bike headlights with retina searing luminosity is just, well, safe. I mean, who doesn’t want twilled, fleecy thermal garments…the … Read more

How to Prevent Biking Saddle Sores + The Best Saddle Sore Creams

saddle sores

Sometimes back I used to experience biking saddle sores and discomfort around the butt area; the worst part was that it was so itchy and I couldn’t help but quit cycling for two weeks. If you’ve experienced serious saddle sores then you can relate to my situation.  You’ll barely have a smooth ride if your … Read more

Best Mountain Bike Sunglasses

best cyling sunglaases

Other than shielding us from the blazing hot sun during summer, sunglasses also happen to be instrumental elements in making our face better or worse depending on how good of a choice we make. This is because just like hats, sunglasses also happen to depend largely on our disposition to make us look great. There … Read more

10 Best Weatherproof Bicycle Covers (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Bicycle Cover

When left unprotected outdoors, your bicycle can deteriorate faster than you could ever imagine.  Rain, snow and UV rays from the sun can have you see visible signs of damage in as little as a week. Generally speaking, the more humid your area is, the faster your bike will deteriorate when left outdoors. Hot temperatures … Read more

Best MTB Bike Pump: Expert Reviews for the Best Mountain Bike Pumps

best bike pumps for cyclists

Choosing the best MTB bike pump can be a daunting task, especially when you look at the variety of bicycle pumps that are available in the market today. If you feel confused about what to look out for when buying a mountain bike pump then you are reading the right article. In this comprehensive guide, … Read more

Best Indoor Bike Storage: 6 Indoor Bike Storage Methods You Should Know

Bike Storage

If you ride a bike, for sport or transportation, you’ll need to address the subject of bike storage. You’ll be more inclined to ride if it is easy to get your bike down to the street every day. Bikes weren’t meant to be hung inside an apartment, never to see the pavement. To be sure, … Read more