Ancheer Electric Bike Review – 2023

As someone who loves cycling but doesn’t want to arrive to work dripping in sweat, I decided to try out an electric bike.

After researching different models, I settled on the Ancheer electric bike based on its affordable price and good reviews.

Here’s my honest review after test-riding this e-bike for the past few weeks.

I’m quite satisfied with my experience using the Ancheer Electric Bike. It provided me with a comfortable and enjoyable ride, and the pedal-assist feature made tackling hills and headwinds a breeze.

While it may not be the best choice for serious off-road enthusiasts or those looking for top-of-the-line performance, it’s a solid option for those seeking an affordable and reliable e-bike for everyday use.

So, if you’re looking for a simple and affordable e-bike for commuting within town, Ancheer’s 26-inch e-bike might be your best option.

This bike has excellent storage and folding capacity, superb braking and control, long-term durability, powerful battery capacity and a long range, simple meter operation, and easy assembly.

To find out exactly what it has to offer, read through this extensive Ancheer 26-inch wheel folding city commuter electric bike review.

One of the key selling points of the Ancheer 26-inch wheel electric bike is its folding capability.

The bike actually does pretty well on this aspect.

For the collapsible frame, this bicycle uses a 100 percent lightweight aluminum alloy. Folding it is very easy and you can do it quickly. When folded, it takes up very little space and can be conveniently stored in your car or tiny spaces in your house.

Perhaps the only issue is that you cannot fold the pedals.

The space saving is remarkable considering that the full length bike is 58.1 inches and the vertical seat height ranges between 27.3 and 44.1 inches. When folded, that vertical height drastically falls to roughly the wheel diameter of 20 inches.

And it’s not too heavy either (if you need to lift it during storage), weighing about 19kg.

Ancheer Electric Bike Braking and Control

Braking stands out as another excellent aspect in this Ancheer 26-inch wheel folding city commuter electric bike review.


You’ll be getting premium braking with this low-priced bike.

Ancheer designed it with both front and rear disc brakes. That’s something you might not find in several bikes, which may just have drum brakes.

Ancheer Electric Bike Features and Capabilities

Several other features make this machine particularly valuable.

One such feature is the front fork made of high-strength carbon steel. It provides comfort when riding through bumpy tracks due to its ample shock absorption capacity.

You won’t have much problem riding on slippery surfaces either.

That’s because of the high-quality tires which are anti-slip and wear resistant. Since roads and bike paths can be slippery when it rains, these tires will give you the confidence of maintaining control.

Durability is also an added benefit.

Light, strong, and durable aluminum alloy features on the handlebars, saddle tube, wheels, and pedals. These are all components that you’ll regularly handle when riding. With such a durable material, they are sure to last long without any need for frequent replacements.

Ancheer Electric Bike Battery Capacity and Range

Obviously, you can’t overlook the battery in any Ancheer 26-inch wheel folding city commuter electric bike review.

Two key things stand out about this battery…

Firstly, it has substantial capacity being a 36V 8AH lithium ion battery. That’s roughly 250 watts of usable power storage. With such capacity, riders get an excellent range of 15 to 30 miles.

Secondly, the battery is removable.

You can actually charge it either on or off the frame. Such a feature makes it incredibly easy to swap batteries when you have limited time for recharging, and have another fully charged battery ready.

And it doesn’t weigh that much – only a mere 2.2 kg.

Best of all, the charging time is a reasonable 4-6 hours.

Ancheer Electric Bike Performance Review

But how does the Ancheer 20-inch perform in the real world?

Performance is a key consideration, since you need to know whether the product will work well in different geographical locations. That’s especially so since many variations exist between different locations like the District of Columbia, Vermont, Hawaii, Utah, and California.

In that regard, you first need to look at the motor capacity.

Having 250W high-speed brushless gear motors on the Ancheer 20-inch makes it super capable of handling multiple types of riding environments. It can easily handle a 15 mph road speed limit. Besides, it has a 7-speed Shimano transmission system.

The designers also built in two working modes.

Riding on e-bike mode gives you the luxury of enjoying pedal-free travel. No more sweating just to get to your destination. On the other hand, the pedal-assist mode gives you the opportunity to get a bit of a workout without putting in too much effort.

What about rainy and muddy conditions?

Since it has IPX4 waterproofing, water shouldn’t be a problem. Water splashes from any direction won’t affect the electronics or mechanical components. This will keep you riding all year long.

Just about anyone aged between 16 and 70 years is sure to enjoy this road bike.

Going for outings on weekends with friends and family will turn into a pleasurable experience, since you can include people who don’t like the effort of riding traditional bikes. It’s also excellent as a vehicle for work since you’ll get to the office without breaking a sweat.

Ancheer Electric Bike Meter Operation

An analysis of the meter operation is another important consideration in this Ancheer 26-inch wheel folding city commuter electric bike review.

The display meter is quite simple with straight-forward yet useful operational instructions.

Here are the important operating instructions:

·         To turn the meter on or off, press the “M” key for 2 seconds.

·         When turned on, the meter’s default level value will be “low.”

·         To increase the pedal assist level, press the “+” button.

·         The pedal assist levels range from “low,” “mid” to “high.”

·         To decrease the pedal assist level, press the “-” button.

·         To get the pure electric mode, press the “-” button until you turn off the pedal assist indicators.

·         Start your ride by simply twisting the throttle.

Ancheer Electric Bike Assembly Review

Since your product comes in a package, you’ll have to deal with the initial assembly.

Fortunately, there’s not much complication involved with this assembly.

 It all boils down to these simple steps:

1.       When you open the box, take out the packing material to reach the product.

2.       After pulling out the e-bike, remove the tie, tape, and foam covering it.

3.       Since the back wheel is already connected to the frame, you’ll only need to fix the front wheel.

4.       Within the big box is a smaller box with assembly instructions, pedals, and a toolkit.

5.       Start by installing the handlebar simply by slotting it in and locking.

6.       A wrench provided in the toolkit will help you to install the front wheel.

7.       To fix in the front wheel, loosen the front fork screw, remove the guard rod, and hook the wheel into position.

8.       Now install the mudguard and headlight.

9.       Next, install the backseat using the provided screws.

10.   To install the bike seat, slot it in the seatpost and tighten.

11.   Finally, install the pedals and make sure they are tightly screwed in.

Make sure all connections are as tight as possible, and you’re ready to enjoy your first ride

The Good

Now that you know what the e-bike has to offer, let’s evaluate the advantages to complete this Ancheer 20-inch wheel folding city commuter electric bike review.


Security is sure to come up in any bike review.

Fortunately, security is a key benefit of folding bikes over normal bikes. Since a folding bike is compact and easy to carry, you can easily take it with you wherever you go. You’ll never have to leave it in places where it can be stolen.

No need to chain it up outside when you go to work, visit a friend, or go for coffee.

In the coffee shop or cinema, you can place the folded bike right under your seat. It’s just like having a backpack. Besides, folding bikes aren’t a major target by thieves, unlike regular bikes.

This gives you the added benefit of peace mind, never having to worry about losing your valuable possession.

An Enjoyable Fitness and Weight-Loss Program

You’re probably surprised that fitness and weight-loss come into play in this Ancheer 20-inch wheel folding city commuter electric bike review. Maybe you’re assuming that weight-loss requires a rigorous intense workout that you wouldn’t get from an e-bike.

Well, you need to know something about weight-loss…

The reality is that you actually burn more calories doing regular activities during the day than during a workout. In a workout, you may burn 400 to 500 calories, but you’ll expend maybe more than four times more calories during the day. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services indicates that adult women burn an average of 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day, and adult men burn 2,000 to 3,000 calories per day).

That means you can burn a lot more calories just by adding a little bit of extra effort during your daily commute.

The pedal assist mode on the Ancheer will help you do that without excessive effort.

Moreover, you’re less likely to miss your daily commute to work, unlike gym sessions that people often give up on. Best of all, you don’t need any special training to enjoy the fitness benefits of a riding workout, compared to gym workouts that require organized sessions.

Healthier than Sitting in a Car

Riding through the fresh outside air is far better than the air inside a car.

Based on scientific studies, drivers and passengers in cars experience more air pollution compared to pedestrians and cyclists. That’s particularly so for nose-to-tail gridlocked cars, which are exposed to the fumes and vapors from surrounding vehicles.

You also get to weave through the traffic and get to your destination faster.

Of course, you’ll have to make sure that your route is safe for bicycle travel. You certainly don’t want to avoid air pollution only to suffer from an accident. While at it, check with your local regulations regarding any restrictions concerning e-bikes on roads.

The Bad

There are certainly many positives, but there’s also a significant negative in this Ancheer 20-inch wheel folding city commuter electric bike review.

One notable problem is the e-bike may not properly fit very short and very tall riders.

You can certainly adjust the seat height, but you’ll still be limited by the crank arms. If you’re 5-foot short, you may lower the seat to about 28 inches, but your legs might be pushed up awkwardly high due to the length of the crank arms.

Moreover, the machine may not accommodate big guys.

That being said, it works very well for most people with average height and weight.


So, what’s the verdict in this Ancheer 20-inch wheel folding city commuter electric bike review?

One thing that stands out is the Ancheer 20-inch is a very decent road bicycle.

It won’t take you mountain biking, but it works superbly well on roads and bicycle paths. It will even do well on gravel paths and you might get through short dirt roads too.

One thing that you should probably avoid is going down big hills fast.

The fact that it has both front and rear brakes doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s designed for downhill riding or going up steep hills. Since the motor isn’t particularly powerful, you’ll first have to evaluate whether your route has many steep hills before purchasing the product.

Who would benefit from this Ancheer bicycle?

It will work well for someone who commutes around town just for work or other non-exerting rides. It also requires little maintenance, which will likely involve tightening some bolts.

It’s great for a quick shopping run, stopping at a friend’s house, or a sunny day commute.

Someone with aging knees will certainly appreciate the pedal assist or the full-on e-bike mode.

As long as you don’t get involved in hardcore riding activities, it’s sure to last a long time and serve you well.

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