Best Mountain Bike Fenders: Top Mudguard Picks

Wondering which are the best mountain bike fenders to purchase? Relax, we took 15 fenders and subjected them to months of abuse and testing to help identify the best brand for you.

Over the course of our intense research, we put each mudguard through vigorous riding to find out their pros & cons.

Top 10 Mountain Bike Fenders to Buy

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Do You Really Need to Have Mudguards on Your Mountain Bike?

Having mudguards on your mountain bike is a necessity if you want to stay clean and enjoy riding. MTB Fenders do a great job when it comes to protecting your face from flying gravel and mud. Besides, good fenders allow you to mountain bike without getting wet from water puddles.

MTB fenders are designed to protect your suspension forks from getting caked with mud and dirt. This ensures that your forks last for a long time and work as expected.

After all the enduro laps, trail rides, gravel grinds, shuttle runs and bike park laps, we discovered that these are the five best mountain bike fenders in the market.

Best Mountain Bike Fender Reviews


best mountain bike fender

This mountain bike fender has a good design that helps in blocking mud & water. We loved the fact that it flairs wider at the section closest to the rider’s face.

The package comes with mounting instructions that will help you install the fender. in addition, it comes together with 6 zip ties to secure it.

We found out that most mountain bikers recommend them for their flexibility, sturdiness, and durability. At no one time did we hear this mudguard rattle or slide during our tests.

In case you are looking for a fender that is compatible with the front fork & rear set, then the Fifty-Fifty is the best choice. It comes in handy when protecting your fork bridge & stanchions from getting caked with mud.

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best mountain bike mudguards

From our tests and research, it was evident that mucky nutz is compatible with all wheel sizes. Moreover, it can be used on all double bridge and forward fork designs without any problems.

This MTB fender might look tiny but, its efficiency will surprise you; we noted that there is a lot of positive vibes on forums regarding the Mucky Nutz fender.

We recommend you to purchase this product in order to keep your ride’s fork bridges & stanchions free from dirt.

When mounting this mudguard, make sure you fix it close to the knobby bits for maximum mud/dirt catching.

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best mtb fenders
RightOn fender qualify to be in list of the best mountain bike fenders because of its flexible material and ability to protect you from flying mud, gravels & dirt.

A new package comes with mounting instructions, thus making the installation process easy and fast. Just like other front fenders, this model will protect your forks from getting caked with mud, hence minimizing the need for servicing & cleaning.

In addition, RightOn fenders are available in different colors thus making it possible to match your bike’s suspension.

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Mudfender MTB Mudguards best mtb mudguards
If you are looking to enjoy a mud free mountain biking experience, then you should consider purchasing Mudfender mudguards. These MTB fenders provide maximum protection to your bike’s frame and suspension forks.

They are built from durable, flexible and resilient Polypropylene plastic. We appreciate the fact that their design helps keep riders safe from flying debris and dirt.

The Mudfender comes with Velcro straps that you can use to secure the fender on your bike. Besides, they have a lightweight design and are easy to install and unmount for cleaning purposes.

You can use these mud flaps on your BMX and Hybrid bikes as long as they have suspension forks.

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Crud Catcher Mountain bike fender
This fender is made from plastic, it is simple, light and easy to fix. More protective cushion is put between the flame and the blades hence moving the fixing lugs to accommodate thicker frame tubes. They are easy to bend and remove any build up mud.


  • Has a unique pivot point allowing the rider to have an installation angle.
  • Has clamps and shims to fit on any seat post diameter.
  • Weighs 135 grams.

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 Conclusion: Which MTB Mudguard to Buy?

Mountain Bike fenders are necessary accessories since they help keep the rider clean and protect the bike and its parts from damage. You should always select a fender that fits your wheel size and securely attaches to the flame of the bike.

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Online shopping helps one to view all verities in the market and choose the best. Most importantly bikes with fenders are enjoyable to ride since they don’t fly mud or dirty water

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